video777 wrote on 12/5/2008, 10:54 AM
I never heard of them. They look good but the fact that you have to create an account just to get a price tells me it will be too much.

I think I'll stick to SmartSound and Digital Juice which have both served me well over the years. Thanks for the link. It's always good to see options.
rjm1717 wrote on 12/5/2008, 11:41 AM
I talked with the guy in Oregon today from the company. He said that it varies on what type of license. He gave me an example of a song reproduced for 25 - 30 DVDs e.g wedding etc The cost was about $13 total for that type of license. Many of the musicians are current artists as well.

I'll take a look at Digital Juice though as I have not spent any time there. I ahve used Stock20 and have been pleased.
Nobody wrote on 12/5/2008, 1:54 PM
I came in here expecting a Stewart Copeland discussion. Silly me.
rjm1717 wrote on 12/5/2008, 6:31 PM
The band Rumblefish had Copeland?
Nobody wrote on 12/6/2008, 12:36 PM
No, he did the music (Soundtrack) for the film Rumble Fish.
rjm1717 wrote on 12/6/2008, 3:18 PM
Ah. Had me confused there. Thanks!