NBTP4 : "Type On" animations not in VP13?

Grazie wrote on 6/6/2016, 3:30 AM
I've designed a Title in NewBlue Titler Pro4 Ultimate. Within it I am using "Animations- Type-On". When I return to VP13 the Animation/s aren't working.

Has anybody else used the NBT4Uli Animations type on with success back in VP13?

I really DO have to be doing something wrong?




NormanPCN wrote on 6/6/2016, 10:23 PM
I just tried the following. It seems to work for me.

Created a project.
Dropped a TP4 media generator event onto the timeline.
Opened TP4.
Changed "Enter text" to "Type on text, type on text"
Added type on transition animation. 2 seconds.
The TP4 timeline length was 6 seconds. more on this later.
Played fine in Vegas.
Save project. Close vegas. Open project.
Plays fine.

Older versions of TP3/TP4 automatically adjusted their event length to the Vegas media generator length. Now you have to manually adjust this per event in TP4. What a pain.

So double check you Vegas media length, event length and make sure the TP4 length matched the media length. If you have type on as an out transition and the event length is short compared to the TP4 timeline, then you will not see it.
set wrote on 6/6/2016, 11:18 PM
I always successful with TP4.

NormanPCN is correct, in newer TP4 version, there are several length inputs.

NBFX developers: Perhaps you can give something like a 'switch' to 'always sync' the TP4 length to Media Generator's length.

Grazie wrote on 6/6/2016, 11:35 PM
Thanks Guys.

Have you both tried the Elastic control. This is meant to adjust/adapt to the the VP13 GenMed Length, automatically?

Presently I need to save Veg, close Veg and then on reopening Veg I get the TypeOn working. The Synching to length I've always checked the GenMed Match length.

I really must be doing something incorrectly. I shall go back and manually match lengths.

Presently I have an open ticket with Caleb at NewBlue concerning this.