Need bug spay for vegas

fishbelt wrote on 3/11/2007, 10:34 PM
Sorry gents I am still having a problem with vegas platinum movie studio. error "This not suitable for Dos and window application." I tried support e mail and cant get that to submitte. Now I need someone who works for sony or the head of the company e mail.... address. trying to finish a wedding for my friends daughter. I was best man for this guy's wedding in 1976. Now taped his daughters wedding and work hard on it. Can't say enough good things about Vegas except this. No I didn't call, can't waste funds right now....


MSmart wrote on 3/12/2007, 12:19 AM
did you click on the autoexec.nt link I posted in your other thread?

In Search, enter "autoexec.nt" in the Search Words field and leave it at All Forums. It should return some threads on the subject. That's how I found the thread I linked.
fishbelt wrote on 3/12/2007, 10:30 AM

I did a search last nigth did not come up with anything. After your post this morning tried again. This time yes on the posts. I try to re-install over but would not run.
Then I use the link in another post about replacing "Autoexec.nt"
Got it and it is now back in operation.
My many thanks to you. You guys and this forum is the best thing going. fishbelt