Need guidance: Making a PAL DVD from NTSC source

pb wrote on 6/17/2004, 3:49 AM

Customer wants to send a PAL version of the DVD I made her to Germany. Normally my standards coversions are done with a Samsung World Wide VHS machine, works great. Alas, they don't want a PAL VHS tape!

Has anyone successfully converted an NTSC file to PAL DVD?

I am trying it this way:

1. render AVI to PAL in Vegas

2. Set DVD-A t PAL then bring PAL AVI into project and burn it. I have no way to test the disc becasue I do not own a multi standard DVD player.

any suggestions, warnings ideas?



Express wrote on 6/17/2004, 7:10 AM
This has been discussed quite a bit in the forum.
Quite easy to do, here are the details.


Pal DVD 2
Mahesh wrote on 6/17/2004, 7:23 AM
Most of PAL DVD players can handle NTSC DVD by outputting in PAL60. If the DVD is a one-off, you may want to find out if the client in Germany can handle NTSC DVDs.
DVDeviations wrote on 6/20/2004, 12:33 AM
I have sent NTSC DVDs to France and Germany. I have received confirmation from relatives in France that the DVDs work fine there. I did not receive any word about the DVDs sent to Germany, but since this was a client, I am guessing it worked, otherwise I probably would have heard from him about it.