Need help adding iTunes video to Project (MSP 12)

Alphastream wrote on 8/30/2015, 4:59 PM

I am using Movie Studio Platinum 12. In the past, the media I added was from an old Sony video camera and imported just fine into projects. I can create and finish such a project with the software still today.

However, I now want to work with new footage taken with my iPhone. When I try to import the .mov files, MSP quickly becomes very sluggish. At times it will hourglass and other times just crash. I can't seem to create a project of any decent length.

Does anyone know of this problem? I tried to have the project be based upon the file type, but it still quickly hourglassed and crashed. MSP is up to date, beyond being version 12.



Steve Grisetti wrote on 8/30/2015, 7:44 PM
First, can you confirm that you're trying to work with footage from you iPhone? The title on your thread implies you're trying to add iTunes media to your project, which is a whole different can of worms.

That said, first ensure that you've got the latest version Quicktime installed on your computer.

Then, go to your Video Project Settings and make sure it is set up for AVCHD 1920x1080.

Once your Project Settings match your video specs, the program should run much more smoothly. Assuming, of course, youv'e got an adequately powered computer.
musicvid10 wrote on 8/30/2015, 9:24 PM
This is a known problem with Apple's 32 bit QuickTime libraries on Windows.
Nothing to do with Sony.
Alphastream wrote on 8/31/2015, 1:18 AM
Aw, looks like I wrote iTunes when I meant iPhone, good grief I was frazzled! Yeah, this is iPhone video, though I also have similar issues with video from my Nikon camera.

I have a computer that is a month old and has fantastic specs. Quickitme is up to date.

What do you mean by "AVCHD"? If I use the match media settings, it creates a custom profile that is 1920x1080, 29.970 NTSC frame rate. There are a few settings in the dropdown that have 1920x1080:
- HD 1080-60i (1920x1080, 29.970 fps)
- HD 1080-50i (1920x1080, 25.000 fps)
- HD 1080-24p (1920x1080, 23.976 fps)

Thanks for your help!
Alphastream wrote on 8/31/2015, 1:25 AM
The program seems really unstable - even having the media I need in the Project Media window seems to give it problems. I just started a new project with the settings based on the media, added the media to the Project Media window, then added two Text Media entries to the timeline, and it crashed. I had not even added the media to the timeline yet!
Alphastream wrote on 9/2/2015, 2:09 PM
I read some posts and it sounds as if this is a common issue. I downloaded GoPro to try to do lossless conversion. However, the output avi file is lacking in sound. Am I doing something wrong? In Step 1 it will play audio on both sides (the input .mov file and the output .avi file). When I get it to Step 2, if I add it to the timeline it will no longer play sound. I tried exporting in step 3 and it still has no sound. The output files also do not play sound.

I realize this isn't a Go Pro forum, but perhaps others have experience here? How can I reliably take my iPhone's video and get it into MSP 12 without it crashing after I add a handful of files?

Allegretto wrote on 10/1/2015, 1:44 PM
It's possible the audio in the output AVI file is MP3. You'll need to install a codec for it. A search of the MV and Vegas Pro forums for something like MP3 audio AVI may turn up some suggestions for a codec to install (be sure to back up your system first!). This is NOT the same as handling audio-only MP3 files which MS is able to do.

Does the conversion app you are using support PCM audio in the output AVI file? That's what you need.

Alternatively, use MS to convert each video file to a format that MS can better handle. In an empty project, add one of your MOV video files and render it out. AVI is a good choice but the files will be quite large.

Edit: Or install the VLC player (google it). If your MOV files play fine then save them to another format using Media > Convert / Save. The user interface is a little awkward - first click the Add button to add a MOV file to be converted. Then click the Convert/Save dropdown button and select Convert. Choose the desired profile. You may need to experiment, I used Video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4). Set the destination filename and folder, then click Start. Conversion is done in the background so you'll need to wait for it to finish. I never saw a notification it was done but I knew the length of my original video, so I waited until Windows reported the right length when I hovered the mouse over the output filename in the Explorer. If you open a partially converted file in MS it won't write the remainder of the file out so be sure to wait long enough.