Need small monitor suggestions for dual display

frederick-wise wrote on 8/15/2015, 9:59 AM

I only have limited space in my editing office and have been using just one 25-inch monitor for years but would love to add another much smaller monitor for just the Video Preview as many of my projects use up to 10 tracks and re-sizing the preview window is a big hassle. I see several between 7 and 10 inches but have no idea which is a good one for Vegas. I'm also wondering if any of the new tablets could be used in this capacity. Any suggestions? FYI - I use an NVIDIA GTX560 video card.



videoITguy wrote on 8/15/2015, 2:00 PM
I would not consider what you are attempting to do. The 7-10 inch field monitor of good quality runs nearly $600.00 , far more than what you need to spend. There is also a problem with field of view on the desktop as anything in Preview output is going to look always better than it is. This is the wrong way to go for the function.

Now I own these field monitors for use in the field, and occassionally I hook them up in the edit bay for direct output from a camera, for the function of camera preview. That is a much different and better suited application of them than your proposal.

What you need for the preview window is a good IPS LCD screen of at least 17" - a new one would run you less than $140.
wwaag wrote on 8/15/2015, 4:40 PM
Agree completely with the above post. Having used a dual monitor set up for the past few years, I couldn't imagine going back to a single screen. Being forced to use a laptop earlier this year for a multi-camera shoot was really painful. If horizontal space is a space, how about mounting your preview monitor above using a stand something like this?

I'm not recommending this stand at all--only illustrating what you might consider.

TheHappyFriar wrote on 8/15/2015, 5:02 PM
I took some scrap particle board & 4x4's and made my own vertical stand. I would rather have horizontal but desk space doesn't allow. Looking up/down isn't as fun as sideways.
frederick-wise wrote on 8/16/2015, 9:40 AM
Thanx for the responses. I've considered the vertical option but that will likely just give me a neck and headache. I think I have an old 12"? monitor in my attic, maybe I can use that but I was hoping someone knew of a 7" to 10", slim monitor similar to a tablet. I forgot to add this info, my wife also uses this desk for paying bills, etc., and I know she doesn't want me to "take it over", lol!
wwaag wrote on 8/16/2015, 9:50 AM

Just re-read your original post.

many of my projects use up to 10 tracks and re-sizing the preview window is a big hassle

This shouldn't be a hassle at all. You may not be aware that you can "save" your screen layout. Once you get your preview the way you want it, go to View_Windows Layout, and simply save Layout as... This way you can recall your exact layout, with just a few keystrokes. I have 7 or 8 layouts that I use, depending upon where I am in a project workflow. I would suggest doing this rather than using an "old extra monitor" that may introduce issues of color accuracy. Just a thought.

videoITguy wrote on 8/16/2015, 12:02 PM
Now, I would interpret the OP's issue is just about expediency. As I stated earlier, I don't agree with this direction.

Discard your old monitor in the trash or save it for watching television in the bedroom.

The old piece has no use a preview monitor. A preview is an issue of Quality Control, not just seeing if you have picture. If you are unfamiliar with this concept in an NLE edit bay , then I suggest some serious reflection.

You can create a mount for preview monitor with 17in diagonal with no problem at all, by combination of monitor stagger, monitor height, and monitor mount angle. You can do it.

In my edit bay I have four monitors, the largest being 25 inch diagonal, and the horizontal measure for the desk is 39 inches wide.
frederick-wise wrote on 8/17/2015, 6:51 AM
Thanx waag,

I had no idea I could save layouts and then recall them so easily. I think I'll try out this option before getting a little monitor (which is fairly hard to find as most small ones seem to be for surveillance cameras).
OldSmoke wrote on 8/17/2015, 7:06 AM
You can always get a 7" on camera monitor provided your PC has HDMI out or DVI with a DVI to HDMI converter. However, like others pointed out it doesn't make much sense to have such a monitor for preview.

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espressif wrote on 8/17/2015, 10:25 AM
I love this one:

Powered by USB, incredible portability for laptop demo or work.


videoITguy wrote on 8/17/2015, 2:51 PM
God help the person following comment by espressif.

For all of the reasons previously posted in this thread - plus note ugly product quality as in you can do much better for 40 dollars more - that would not be suitable for an NLE preview quality monitor. Yuk.
frederick-wise wrote on 8/17/2015, 3:40 PM
Hi videoITguy,

I can't find a $140 IPS 17" LCD screen, can you give me a link to it?

Thanx, Frederick
videoITguy wrote on 8/17/2015, 6:24 PM
Unfortunately the market for consumers constantly evolves - and new monitor designs have just about eliminated the smaller panels for new purchase.
Used market may offer you something

but try getting this: NEC AccuSync AS172-BK - LED monitor - 17 - $149 US street
Rob Franks wrote on 8/17/2015, 6:40 PM
You can also go to your internal settings and change the default size of the tracks to something a bit more appropriate to the average work you do... but the layouts feature is wonderful. I use it quite often and have it built in to my mouse as a shortcut so I can change layouts with a simple mouse click.
Rob Franks wrote on 8/17/2015, 6:46 PM
"Thanx for the responses. I've considered the vertical option but that will likely just give me a neck and headache."

I ran vertical for a number of years and there is a trick to it. Drop your lower monitor right down to the desk top so the when looking straight ahead, you're looking at the monitor frame edges where the upper and lower monitors meet. If you can't get the lower monitor low enough then raise the chair.
frederick-wise wrote on 8/20/2015, 5:50 AM
After all the helpful suggestions I decided to at least experiment cost-free by simply using an old, large monitor and seeing if I could squeeze it onto my small desk. I "stole" the monitor from my kids who no longer use it as they are all into tablets these days and show absolutely zero interest in video production (bummer). After some significant rearranging of things on my the desktop, I found a very tight but workable side-by-side configuration with enough room for my wife to still pay the bills, etc.... And, most importantly, Vegas seems to work well with it so I'm finally able to join the many who use multi-display set-ups. Thanx to all for the suggestions.