Need some recommendations

Carl_Marcinik wrote on 8/17/1999, 2:07 PM
Hi Folks,
I am basically brand new to digital audio editing,
production, etc. (my background is primarily in
software design and development in computer networking
and real-time environments so I have somewhat of a technical
background that I hope to leverage). Anyway, I am assisting
some folks with trying to put together a decent audio
production environment for producing programs for radio
broadcast. Basically, the programs (at least initially)
will be produced from pre-recorded casette audio tapes
(of various quality, etc.) with background music and an
announcer to open and close the program. The program itself
is strictly discussion (no music). From what I have been
able to determine so far (which I admit is not much), we
need to record the tapes into digital format (e.g., .wav
files), edit and "noise reduce" the tapes, and then
produce the program using some kind of multi-track audio
production tool. All this leads me to a few questions.

If we were to go with tools from Sonic Foundry it seems
that we would need "Sound Forge 4.5", the "Noise Reduction"
plug-in, and "Vegas Pro" to do the job. Does this sound
right? Or is their another SF package or bundle that would
do it? (I should also mention that later--maybe
6 months to a year down the road--we also want to start
playing with video production). How would this combination
compare with somehting like "Cool Edit Pro 1.2" which seems
like it might be able to do all this in one package for
a lot less money? (On the other hand I am not sure
Syntrillium is a "for-real" commercial company yet). Are
there other tools or companies that I should be
considering that come in under $1500-$2000 and can do the
job adequately? (or even well?). Any and all opinions (and
especially those gained from actual experience in this
arena) would be greatly appreciated!




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