Need support with product activation. "No online connection" error.

Andrs-Barrantes wrote on 11/23/2022, 11:10 PM


I just purchased Vegas 20

Im receiving this error trying to activate the product:


I already tried:

-Running as administrator.

-Reseting Internet settings.

-Disabling virus protections and firewall.


And no luck.


PD: This is a Windows 10 installation.




jetdv wrote on 11/24/2022, 7:54 AM

Is there possibly a firewall on the router preventing this?

Andrs-Barrantes wrote on 11/24/2022, 12:12 PM

Highly unlikely, I havent had any problem with any other program/app/game regarding blocked connections from the router.


jetdv wrote on 11/25/2022, 8:02 AM

I would still try a different connection if possible. For example, could you connect to a hotspot from your cell phone temporarily just for the activation process to see if that would work.