Nero 8 Vision

Xander wrote on 10/4/2007, 5:37 AM
Loaded up Nero 8 Vision. Said create HD DVD. Dropped in a Vegas .m2t file. Hit write to folder - it copied the video, but converted the audio to DD so very quick preparation. Burn't it to a normal DVD-R. Stuck it in my XBox 360 HD DVD drive and it played back.

Initial playback was a bit jerky, but became smoother - might be buffers / drive as m2t was HDV at 25 Mbps. Will try agin with lower rate MPEG2 and also MPEG4.

Haven't tested out the AVCHD option or even the option to import AVCHD disc into HD DVD.

Of course, Power DVD Ultra prevents me from viewing my HD DVD as my video card and monitor are not HDCP compliant.


CClub wrote on 10/5/2007, 2:16 PM
Thanks for the info... I just upgraded to Nero 8 also. Not to hijack the posting so quickly, but did you lose the ability to encode wma audio in Nero 8?
megabit wrote on 10/5/2007, 3:03 PM
"Of course, Power DVD Ultra prevents me from viewing my HD DVD as my video card and monitor are not HDCP compliant"

Wait a moment...Why don't you use the Nero's own Showtime player? Even in v7.10, it plays both HD-DVD (from Ulead MovieFactory 6) and Blu-ray (from Vegas 8.0 timeline) without glitches, using DVI-D! I must add I'm not talking about physical discs, just their iso images mounted on a virtual drive, but anyway...

What I noticed that might be connected with the HDCP is that Showtime won't play on another screen (where it ususally send the Directdraw full-screen overlay), connected with a DVI->HDMI cable (even though the HDMI input on that other display IS HDCP compliant).

Why are you sticking to PowerDVD?

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Chienworks wrote on 10/5/2007, 3:22 PM
Something sounds wrong with that. We've been assured all along that the compliancy checks would only be done with protected content. Our own content should be played by any HD system without any compliance checks.
Xander wrote on 10/7/2007, 6:14 AM
Yes, an AVCHD disc played back fine in Nero Showtime, the HD DVD disc caused Showtime to crash. Go figure. Working with Cyberlink at the moment about not being able to play back my own material.

I use both Showtime and Power DVD, as it help will compatibility testing. For instance, I can't give a disc to somebody and say it will playback in Power DVD Ultra unless they have HDCP compliant equipment.

I will probably end up getting a PS3 at some point. That way, I will have a reference AVCHD hardware playback device.