New corporate HD video

Massimo Rossi wrote on 2/23/2005, 4:10 PM
Hi everybody. Here I am again.

I've just finished a corporate video for the company I work in. Take a look at it at:

It's about 4 minutes HD, so if you'd like to see it correctly, you'd better to download it on your PC before...

Thank you in advance for you comments and suggestions. Bye.


winrockpost wrote on 2/23/2005, 6:00 PM
How are you delivering it & How are theyshowing it ?
epirb wrote on 2/23/2005, 6:55 PM
I did not get any audio ? properties shows no codec info for audio.
Massimo Rossi wrote on 2/24/2005, 2:09 AM
This is not going to be on air nor on the web. It's projected right now on a 50 inches plasma display in a "Job meeting" exhibit, a place where new-graduated guys looking for a job can meet and know hiring companies.

And sorry, no audio. We've been told not to produce it...

Bye everyone.
Coursedesign wrote on 2/24/2005, 11:04 AM
That is a really beautiful production!

HD worked well here to give much better impact.

So many people today are whining that "you can't do HD today because there are no DVD formats for it yet...," but when you control the environment there is no problem.

Did you do it all in Vegas 5?

I liked the 3D DVEs (spinning windows), only HD could allow you to have so many simultaneously without everything turning into mush.

Great work and an inspiration!

nickle wrote on 2/24/2005, 12:08 PM
Good example of creative use of transitions.

I thought they added lots of spark to the presentation.
Orcatek wrote on 2/24/2005, 1:19 PM
Looks, nice great effects/transitions. Wish I could have read the text to understand. Too bad they didn't allow sound.

One thing bothered me though. In the beginning when you have the "video wall" it could use two more columns of video to fill out the 16x9 frame. That section looks like SD was stuck into the presentation.

I would have liked to see some motion in the video at then end where it looked to be web pages rotating in space. If the pages could scroll or something it might look cooler. Not bad the way it is, just my thought.

the_learninator wrote on 2/24/2005, 2:44 PM
wow....gotta love the quality of HD. I got a few questions for you maz..

was all the video shot in HD resolution? if so, what camcorder?

did you have to purchase CineForm Connect HD, if not how did you get the HD video in/out your comp if it is HD?

how many gigs of space did the entire project take up?

how long did it take to render that? did you use network rendering?

for it all being done in vegas not bad at all. One of the best i've seen done using strictly vegas. I think not having audio is a bummer...but rules are rules.

looking at this, in conparison to other's impossible to have a good presentation without 3D! so i suggest implimenting lightwave or 3d studio max into your bag of toys. I know im goin to but right now I havent even mastered vegas or have the budget to go lightwave. But yea please get back with me with the answer to my questions...

Coursedesign wrote on 2/24/2005, 2:50 PM
Skipping the audio was the right choice for what they used it for.

It was not meant for a seated audience, or as a "conversation preventer", but really as a "billboard" to inspire those who came into the room.

Think of this 4 minute video running continuously with sound all day, the people who work there would go bananas.
the_learninator wrote on 2/24/2005, 8:54 PM
ohh ok i get it....more of a "welcome to our company look at the cool stuff we did as you wait" kinda video .....gotcha
Massimo Rossi wrote on 2/25/2005, 12:16 AM
I agree with you about HD. Notice that the content are all PAL.

Yes, I did it ALL with Vegas 5, with only a small problem regarding the brightness of the background (the last frame of the sequence turned grey without any apparent reason: we had to re-trim it). Apart from this, Vegas really did an excellent job, managing tens of concurrent video streams with no hang, no trouble and no artifact at all.

Massimo Rossi wrote on 2/25/2005, 12:20 AM
Sorry for the text, it is an italian company introducing themself to italian boys...

I agree with you about the video wall. Maybe we can prepare a second version with a 16:9 wall. And I agree about the motin on web pages, too. I didn't notice when I first see them, but now I see it would be better with a little motion.

Thank you for your suggestions.
Orcatek wrote on 2/25/2005, 11:12 AM
Glad to provide another point of view. It's easy to look at someone elses work and see things that you would do different. When you look at your own work you get too close to it sometimes - at least I do.

I'm sure the clients love it. Great job.