New Event Editing Tools

SonyDennis wrote on 4/17/2000, 2:56 PM
I'm not sure if everyone noticed these in the manual (they
were only mentioned under a section called "Cursor
indications" on page 37), but there are a bunch of new
event editing tools that work on both audio and video
events. A long-time user who didn't know about all the new
tools suggested that I post this brief summary:

Just so we're on the same page, the Vegas 1 tools were:

Name Modifiers Description
---- --------- -----------
Move: none Moves event in time

Trim: none Trims start or end time of
event, leaving the
media "in place"

Stretch: Ctrl Time compresses or expands
event (changes rate)

The new event editing tools are:

Name Modifiers Description
---- --------- -----------
Slip: Alt Slips media within an
event (start and end don't

Slip Trim: Alt Moves start or end time of
event and slips media
along with edge

Trim Adjacent: Ctrl+Alt Trims start or end of
event simultaneously with
end or start of adjacent

Slide: Ctrl+Alt Simultaneously trims start
and end of event, leaving
media "in place"

Slide Crossfade: Ctrl+Alt Slides auto-crossfade

Move, Slip, and Slide are done inside an event.

Trim, Slip Trim, Trim Adjacent, and Stretch are done on an
event edge.

Slide Crossfade is done inside or on the edge of a crossfade

They might seem complicated just reading about them, but
they are acually quite easy to learn and use, and the
cursor changes help you remember which is which.

Enjoy using Vegas Video 2.0!


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