New to CD Architect - Have a couple questions

CGC wrote on 3/14/2010, 12:31 PM
I think I found my answers to #2 & #3 deeper into the forum, not as presented by CDA presales folks, but this still leaves me with my first query. Should anyone have an idea, it would be appreciated.



1) Following the directions in the user manual under Getting Started, I selected File/New and filled out the New Project tabs but the Apply button would never become active and the information would be lost. What am I doing wrong right out of the gate?

2) I created a playlist consisting of 203 MP3 files with the intent of burning them to a DVD to play in my home theater system. However, when I tried to burn the disc, an warning message popped up indicating I was using the wrong media. Will Architect not burn to a DVD?

3) Finally, I attempted to burn to a blank 80 minute CD-R. 26 MP3 files filled the disc per Architect. However, the same approach in Roxio Creative Classic accepted 139 MP3 files from the same source/project.

I was under the impression I could create MP3 discs with this software, was I mistaken?



Geoff_Wood wrote on 3/14/2010, 9:00 PM
1. It's an oddity. Click OK instead, then go back to to the Properties tool (or ALT | ENTER) and you will see your entries are in fact there.

2 . The hint is in the name. CD Architect is for (surprise) CDs. Red Book audio CDs. Not DVDs, and not CD-ROMs whch are what your MP3 files need if you want them stored as MP3s. Use Windows Explorer (or whatever) to burn those to CD-ROM.

3. You can burn up to 99 tracks, or 80 minutes - whichever comes first. You can use MP3 files as your source media, but they will be burned as an audio CD, with those limitations. The audio quality will be as bad as (but not worse than) the original MP3s.

4 . Yes you were mistaken. But you can burn audio CDs from MP3 source files. It's pretty clear and obvious, but in order to understand one does need a basic idea of what audio cds and mp3s actually are.

CGC wrote on 3/15/2010, 7:09 AM
As indicated, I learned of CDA's limitations via the forum which I should have investigated before purchasing. The sales folks were not as forthcoming.

Thanks for the help.