New user - simple question - HELP?

EricEric wrote on 12/13/2004, 6:00 PM
Hi All,

I just started using DVD Architect Studio. I have a quick question....

I see that I can import a .avi file, but that it is better to use the .wav and .mpg pairs that are created when "burning to DVD" is selected in Vegas Video. When I send the .wav and .mpg pair to DVD Architect automatically, all works well.

My question is... if I am starting a new session of DVD Architect, how do I pull in the .wav and .mpg pair for the best quality?

When I import the .mpg as the video and the associted .wav as the audio, I can't hear the audio. What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks,


calmedia wrote on 12/13/2004, 6:09 PM
I'm far from an expert, but it appears the general consensus is to render to MPG2 for DVD Architect within Vegas before you import it to DVDA. Also, then render the audio separately as AC3. If you keep the same file name and let Vegas append the AC3 suffix, it will come in automatically when you bring it in to DVDA.
Doug_Marshall wrote on 12/13/2004, 6:30 PM
This may not be what's happening to you but I've found that I sometimes mistakenly place the audio track on a button or a background rather than on the video as I'd intended. This happens because I have the wrong thing highlighted in the display window. Even though I know better I still do this once in a while.
EricEric wrote on 12/13/2004, 6:47 PM
Thanks for this advice. I rendered it to MPG2 and then imported it to DVDA. It worked great! Audio and Video both worked! Thanks!

Can you please explain the audio rendering to AC3? What is the advantage? How do I do it?

Many thanks,
cworld29 wrote on 12/14/2004, 12:20 AM
Smaller file means more room for video. You get AC3 encoding in Vegas+DVD.
Sneddy wrote on 12/14/2004, 10:12 AM
I was told by Sony that it is better to render .avi in Vegas and let DVDA render to mpeg2. Is this incorrect? Thanks, Bob K.
ScottW wrote on 12/14/2004, 10:45 AM
It depends on your work flow. If you are going to be doing a single movie type deal, then it's a wash either way - though rendering to mpeg2 in Vegas does allow you more control.

If I'm going to build something with a menu, then I always render to mpeg2 in vegas for my main content, but I don't render motion backgrounds (because DVDA is probably going to recompress them anyway) - that way if I end up creating a test DVD and notice something in the menu that needs to be corrected, then DVDA only needs to re-prepare the project, it doesn't need to re-render everything as well.

TielBr wrote on 12/14/2004, 11:34 PM
About the audio...

There is the option that the audio simply wasn't assigned to the video file at the time you added it. Since I like to render to MPEG2, 2 Pass VBR, I often need to manually select the audio track that goes to each video.

If you've "Inserted Media" into the project overview, then double click the media to bring up the properties.

Under Media Properties, you will see where the seperate A/V files are assigned. If you rendered MPEG2 and AC3, then select the file names... If you rendered AVI, or MPEG2 with the audio included, then select the same file twice since your audio is contained within the video file.

Hope this helps if it happens again...