New Utility: CDPBurn

colinhill wrote on 4/22/2001, 1:06 PM
Hey Everybody,

I took the premaster utility to the next level. This new
one, CDPBurn, will burn CD Architect project files directly
or generate correctly stripped images/cuesheets from the
projects. Of course, you can still write CD-TEXT. Grab it
from in the CD Burning Utilities


Colin Hill


billybk wrote on 4/24/2001, 9:12 AM
Many thanks Colin,
All of the dedicated CD Architect
users and Sonic Foundry owe you a lot of gratitude
for keeping our favorite professional audio CD creation
program from eventual obsolesence. This is something
SF should have done from the beginning, when it was
announced they were not going to provide on going
driver updates. All we wanted was a way to take our
CD Architect project files and burn them onto the
newer CD drives coming onto the market. I have an older
Plextor CDRW ( it is supported in the last SF driver
update ), but I was dreading the day I would have to get
another newer unsupported CDR once my Plextor bites the
dust. Now I, and every CD Architect user can finally
move forward knowing knowing we won't have to leave our
favorite CD creation program behind.

Thanks again,

Billy Buck
JOJOKIDMUSIC wrote on 4/24/2001, 3:35 PM
Hello, I don't understand this and can it help I have CDA
and SF 5.0 and I am also looking at the end of an era when
I get a later CD writer. What does this utility do?
billybk wrote on 4/25/2001, 8:01 AM
I am sure Colin Hill can explain it better than I.
But, in a nutshell, this utility will take your saved
CD Architect project files and burn onto newer CD drives
that SF no longer supports.

Billy Buck
colinhill wrote on 4/25/2001, 3:59 PM
More or less, CDPBurn is an application I wrote in my
series of purely selfish applications. The MMC
detection "workarounds" posted in this newsgroup should
work fine on ANY drive that premaster/cdpburn supports.
They do for me. I wrote premaster and then cdpburn to
write discs with all of the flexibility that cd architect
afforded me, but with added support for cd-text. I wrote
premaster originally because any program with the cue file
interface was able to do the complex pq layouts like cd
architect, so i could burn with another program. After
getting tired of writing two images, and using my knowledge
of scsi from my large project, cdxtract, i decided to add
direct recording support to premaster, and this was the
origin of premaster 2. cdpburn came around because I got
tired of imaging at all when it was seriously slowing down
my time to cd. I was also looking at writing a product
much like cd architect for all those still looking for the
most flexible solution. So, I decided to decipher the .cdp
file format (I think I got everything that's required), and
write a utility to burn projects directly with cd-text, no
imaging step. This is cdpburn. So, back to my original
point, you should use premaster or cdpburn if you want to
write cd-text to your cd architect projects. Otherwise,
the detection workarounds should work fine.

Colin Hill