diverG wrote on 12/16/2011, 2:39 PM
Tech Support just emailed me a link.
Maybe I can now print back to HDV Tape.

No such luck!!
VP11 still cannot Print a file renderd in VP11 back to HDV tape.
VP10 cannot print a file rendered out in VP 11 to tape.

VP 11 can however; print a file rendered in VP10 back to tape, but this is not really usefull. I do hope SCS can clear this before I'm offered an upgrade to VP12

Sys 1 Gig Z370-HD3, i7 8086K @ 5.0 Ghz 16gb ram, 250gb SSD, 2x2Tb hd,  GTX 4060 8Gb, BMIP4k video out. (PS 750W); Vegas 18 & 19 plus Edius 8WG DVResolve18 Studio. Win 10 Pro (22H2) Bld 19045.2311

Sys 2 Gig Z170-HD3, i7 6700K @ 3.8Ghz 16gb ram, 250gb SSD, 2x2Tb, hdd GTX 1060 6Gb, BMIP4k video out. (PS 650W) Vegas 18 plus Edius 8WG DVResolve18 Studio Win 10 Pro (22H2) Bld 19045.2311

Sys 3 Laptop 'Clevo' i7 6700K @ 3.0ghz, 16gb ram, 250gb SSd + 2Tb hdd,   nvidia 940 M graphics. VP17, Plus Edius 8WG Win 10 Pro (20H2) Resolve18


BinaryCafe wrote on 12/16/2011, 2:44 PM
I just received a response from support on a ticket that I opened (and discussed here with other forum users) regarding a green glitch problem when rendering MP4's with GPU support.

The resolution points to the new build as the fix...

"A new Vegas Pro 11 update is now available. Build 510 for 32-bit systems and Build 511 for 64-bit can be downloaded"...

I've got high hopes for this build! Fingers crossed.
ritsmer wrote on 12/16/2011, 2:55 PM
IMmHO most tickets are considered "closed" or "solved" when a new version is released.

The release notes are quite promising, however.
Leee wrote on 12/16/2011, 3:12 PM
I'm going to try it out now, along with the new releases of the NewBlueFX plugins.
Drum roll please.....
Laurence wrote on 12/16/2011, 3:20 PM
cimotion wrote on 12/16/2011, 3:21 PM
Tested, GPU accelerated rendered of MP4 now works...really nice to have that fast rendering
ritsmer wrote on 12/16/2011, 3:25 PM
You still have to go easy on preview RAM and number of rendering threads when rendering to mpeg-2.
On my machine (2 x Xeon quads) some 75-100 RAM / 3-4 threads still give the fastest rendering speed.

Edit: Grrrr - but when the render has finished Vegas still keeps 1 of my CPU cores running at 100% - doing nothing...
Even when I go on editing something - Vegas is just running and eating up a considerable amount of CPU time - for absolutely no reason.
Leee wrote on 12/16/2011, 3:33 PM
I tried a few of the things that normally caused Vegas 11 to crash, and so far, so good. It's too early to claim totally victory (as they say at election time) but the few things I've tried worked great. No crashes.

One of the things that ALWAYS made it crash was selecting the color box (or color picker) for the drop shadow color on the NewBlue Titler crash!!!!

Another thing that usually caused me crashes was to load and unload various efx plugins (trying them out) one after the other. Again, no crashes!

Well we might not have a TOTAL winner here but IMHO we are seeing a massive improvement with this build. Thank you Sony, I take back all the cruel things I ever said or ever thought about you guys. Nice job.
GuidoR wrote on 12/16/2011, 4:21 PM

can someone tell me where i can find the change of the last 2 builds?
I searched everywhere and cannot find them.

rmack350 wrote on 12/16/2011, 4:28 PM
Just checked adjusting OFX filters on my system that crashes whenever I adjust an OFX filter. No change. Vegas crashes after adjusting a couple of filters.

Rob Mack
PeterDuke wrote on 12/16/2011, 4:32 PM
"can someone tell me where i can find the change of the last 2 builds?"

See the Release Notes.
paul_w wrote on 12/16/2011, 4:41 PM
Just ran the JC Rendertest 2010. Was 44 seconds on my system - now 33.

Just ran Sony Press Release (car advert) benchmark:

Using test MC AVC, was 65 seconds - now 52.
Using test XDCAM EX, was 87 seconds - now 64.

As yet - No crashing at this time.
1) My crash on exit has been resolved after about 10 tries its fine.
2) My crash on certain multicam operations is now clear, so far...
3) As above, rendering is faster.

BUT the multicam limit is still restricted to 8 cams in total. After that you get very low playback fps. So back to Sony on that point.

testing continues.....

farss wrote on 12/16/2011, 5:04 PM
Fixed an issue that could cause events to use the wrong media in certain circumstances (seen when project is later loaded).

I hope that means they've fixed what I think it means they've fixed.
That problem that has plagued Vegas for several years now has been a total deal breaker for the promotion of Vegas as a serious NLE in a production environment.

If they've fixed it then SCS most certainly get a "well done" from me and I'll have a much merrier Chrstmas.

larry-peter wrote on 12/16/2011, 5:30 PM
Just ran a few tests with new build. First my QuadroFX1800 (which didn't seem to be a acceleration supported card before) now shows up as an option and I have GPU accel. Playback performance noticably better. Have 12 instances of ofx up, adjusted all of them, removed them, no problems so far. I'll render to all the formats I use and see how that goes.
Leee wrote on 12/16/2011, 5:38 PM
Had my first crash since installing the new build. I left Vegas open on my computer for about an hour, just sitting there. I came back, hit play then stop, that was okay, but then I went to move the slider bar that lists all the Media Generators on the left side of the screen, and I got a crash. It went to that semi-opaque white screen. The Media Generator that was highlighted at the time (and the preset icon showing) was the one for NewBlue Titler Pro.

I remember in Vegas 10 there was some kind of problem with the actual preset icons being displayed were causing crashes. I don't remember what the exact problem was or if it was resolved, but that could still be a factor.

Overall though, I'm seeing a lot more stability. Obviously not rock solid yet, but we're making some great progress.
Motljus wrote on 12/16/2011, 6:38 PM

Stabilization is still broken and totally unusable.

I could have lived with that they moved the control to media FX, but why in gods name didn't they debug the feature, so that it actually worked before releasing it?

As of now, adding "stabilization" to a media, mostly means that Vegas introduces MORE shakes and jitters, than the original clip. And that even with projects of the exact same dimensions and FPS. Gah!
rmack350 wrote on 12/16/2011, 7:07 PM
Well, even though Vegas crashes every time I adjust an OFX eventFX, at least my MS Natural 6000 mouse finally works right. It's nice to finally have a functioning mouse wheel.

For those of you getting crashes with things like the color corrector, did this build solve your problems?

Rob Mack
TheRhino wrote on 12/16/2011, 7:36 PM
I have been a daily Vegas user since 3.0. I appreciate the hard work of SCS but generally wait a LONG time to use a new release for my daily paid work... In fact, I did not start using 10 until 10e. That said, I was hopeful about V11, backed-up the image of my OS drive, and installed this last update...

I was able to get the new build to crash within 10 minutes. Afterwards I reinstalled AVID DNxHD and a couple other codecs I regularly use and it still crashed. Updated video driver, Blackmagic Decklink driver, etc. and it still crashed.

Also, on our 6-core 980X system V11 only used 60% of the CPU & therefore renders speeds were 30% - 40% slower. Tried reducing threads, etc. and it only became slower...

So... I guess I'll keep using 10. I generally know what causes 10 to crash & have been able to live with it. (Actually it rarely crashes, but it sometimes repeats from beginning of clip at cut-points or renders single clip to black...) Do not have time to learn the bugs of 11 but will try-again with the next release or a fresh install of the OS from the ground-up which is what I had to do to get 10 to work as well as it has...

Workstation C with $600 USD of upgrades in April, 2021
--$360 11700K @ 5.0ghz
--$200 ASRock W480 Creator (onboard 10G net, TB3, etc.)
Borrowed from my 9900K until prices drop:
--32GB of G.Skill DDR4 3200 ($100 on Black Friday...)
Reused from same Tower Case that housed the Xeon:
--Used VEGA 56 GPU ($200 on eBay before mining craze...)
--Noctua Cooler, 750W PSU, OS SSD, LSI RAID Controller, SATAs, etc.

Performs VERY close to my overclocked 9900K (below), but at stock settings with no tweaking...

Workstation D with $1,350 USD of upgrades in April, 2019
--$500 9900K @ 5.0ghz
--$140 Corsair H150i liquid cooling with 360mm radiator (3 fans)
--$200 open box Asus Z390 WS (PLX chip manages 4/5 PCIe slots)
--$160 32GB of G.Skill DDR4 3000 (added another 32GB later...)
--$350 refurbished, but like-new Radeon Vega 64 LQ (liquid cooled)

Renders Vegas11 "Red Car Test" (AMD VCE) in 13s when clocked at 4.9 ghz
(note: BOTH onboard Intel & Vega64 show utilization during QSV & VCE renders...)

Source Video1 = 4TB RAID0--(2) 2TB M.2 on motherboard in RAID0
Source Video2 = 4TB RAID0--(2) 2TB M.2 (1) via U.2 adapter & (1) on separate PCIe card
Target Video1 = 32TB RAID0--(4) 8TB SATA hot-swap drives on PCIe RAID card with backups elsewhere

10G Network using used $30 Mellanox2 Adapters & Qnap QSW-M408-2C 10G Switch
Copy of Work Files, Source & Output Video, OS Images on QNAP 653b NAS with (6) 14TB WD RED
Blackmagic Decklink PCie card for capturing from tape, etc.
(2) internal BR Burners connected via USB 3.0 to SATA adapters
Old Cooler Master CM Stacker ATX case with (13) 5.25" front drive-bays holds & cools everything.

Workstations A & B are the 2 remaining 6-core 4.0ghz Xeon 5660 or I7 980x on Asus P6T6 motherboards.

$999 Walmart Evoo 17 Laptop with I7-9750H 6-core CPU, RTX 2060, (2) M.2 bays & (1) SSD bay...

Laurence wrote on 12/16/2011, 7:55 PM
GPU acceleration is NOT available on my system with this update. It was on the last build. That is with a pretty powerful current generation nVidia card with a GB of RAM. I still get crashes every time I quit the program.
Cross-Bonnes wrote on 12/16/2011, 7:56 PM
NewBlue Titler still crashing the system. 8(
Editguy43 wrote on 12/16/2011, 9:54 PM
Fixed my ms mouse Natural 6000 also, Man I have been waiting for that to be fixed since Vegas 9.
Still crashes on main concept mp4 render, but it now shows Open CL for the videocard.
Does not crash on exit
Gene Aum wrote on 12/16/2011, 10:16 PM
Luckily I'm not experiencing any crashing. However, with the new build a new 'feature' has arrived along with it: when I set Sony Glow effect on either the track or a clip the keyframes don't remain where I move them.

I can save the veg, close, then reopen, the keyframes are in a different location.

I imagine this phenomenon will happen with other effects - haven't tested.

Also, with the previous 11 release GPU processing was not working - with this new version rendering has significantly improved.

larry-peter wrote on 12/16/2011, 10:29 PM
I have not tried main concept mp4 yet, but been on it four hours with no crash. Finished 2 SD spots with 6 composited tracks and then played with a 1080p project with bump and displacement maps, throwing track and event fx on randomly and rendered to Sony mp4, wmv, XDCAM, MPEG2, avi. I'm going to open a 30min program tomorrow and see how it does on longer renders but so far, for the work I need it to do, seems very promising.
Former user wrote on 12/16/2011, 11:19 PM
Main Concept "Internet VIdeo 720p" at BEST quality is crashing 100% of the time for me (the crash dialog opens and asks me what I was doing - "sitting, watching, waiting for the crash to happen").

If I set the output to BEST the project (a 15 second TV spot) completes the render, but I end up with one or more dropped frames OR a blue frame (or several).

I see no improvement in 511 for the issue that was killing me. This was ONE project I was trying to complete with VP11. I'm rolling back to 10. sigh.