New Version of CDPBurn: 1.10 available

colinhill wrote on 5/12/2001, 4:20 PM
Hey everybody who cares.

This version should fix a few outstanding bugs as listed in
the documentation included in the zip file. Also, this may
fix the "Cannot Set Write Parameters" error some people
have been reporting. As usual, it's available from Enjoy.

Colin Hill


kirill wrote on 5/16/2001, 12:55 PM
I am sorry, may be I don't understand something, but I can
not find neither "colin hill" nor anything about CDPBurn on Is it removed?
colinhill wrote on 5/16/2001, 5:18 PM
Sorry, I had to move the site to a different server. It
should be resolved soon.

Colin Hill
colinhill wrote on 5/17/2001, 9:11 AM
Until my new sysadmin fixes the name based virtual hosting,
the website can be accessed with

Colin Hill
colinhill wrote on 5/17/2001, 4:56 PM
Well, that's broken now but the main site is fixed.