Newbie Question

Axslinger wrote on 11/29/2005, 7:59 AM

I just created my first DVD using Vegas Home Studio and DVD Arch. When I did the "Render" from Home Studio, it output an avi file. I then created a single move project in DVD Architecht and "created" the DVD.

My problem is that the DVD will only play in a window. If I try to go full screen, it's all black, but the audio is still there. This was in WinDVD. The end product is intended for standard television display. When WinDVD was playing the video, the transport control showed "PCM" in the display. I had never noticed that with commercial DVD's.

So, my question is, was it something I did that makes it only play in a window? If so, what? And...ideally, what is the best format to render in from Home Studio? I would like to create DVD's that are the most compatible with standard DVD players and TV.