NewBlue Titler Pro and Activating

jetdv wrote on 10/19/2011, 5:31 PM
Here's the deal with NewBlue Titler Pro:

1. Run the installer
2. Enter the serial number you received from Sony during the installation process
3. Finish installation
4. Start Vegas Pro 11 and start using the titler

There is NOTHING more to do. There are no other activation screens to go through!


Red Prince wrote on 10/19/2011, 6:43 PM
Then why did the activation screen pop up? I dismissed it the first time, but it came back the next day, so I finally filled out the information and submitted it.

And I keep wondering if I can only have it installed on one computer or also on my laptop, as Vegas allows us to install on several computers.

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VidMus wrote on 10/19/2011, 7:07 PM
I did all of the install steps as you said but when I decided to try to use it, it said I had x number of days left to register it on this computer and it wanted my serial number.

No huge deal in that I put in the number and registered it which took me to their web page and I did some more whatever I did, got a confirmation email and am now using it with no problems.

I created a nice logo with it.

I think if one already has any other New Blue product(s) installed they will not be asked to register it like I was.

This is my first ever install of a New Blue product.

Paul_Holmes wrote on 10/19/2011, 9:17 PM
Well, unfortunately all New Blue Titler does with my Intel (laptop) graphics card is cause Vegas to crash. Sent the error report. Hopefully 11a will have addressed this.

Also, while playing with the ProType titler Vegas crashed.

Other than that everything else seems to work so far and am happy with the purchase. I have a bunch of New Blue stuff and there doesn't seem to be any problems with that.

jetdv wrote on 10/20/2011, 8:03 AM
It should pop up a "registration" screen but no further "activation" is required. Those are two different things.
jetdv wrote on 10/20/2011, 8:04 AM
Paul, it appears that most Intel graphics chip sets are not powerful enough to run Titler.
jetdv wrote on 10/20/2011, 8:04 AM
Titler Pro can be installed on each machine you legally install Vegas Pro 11.
WillemT wrote on 12/1/2011, 10:55 AM
Apologies for bringing this old thread to life.

I upgraded to VP at the last minute. This means I can look at the NewBlue Titler for the first time. I do however have problems with the "activation".

Sony sent me the serial number and a link to the download site. The Sony link re-directs to NewBlue from where I downloaded NewBlueTitlerProForSonyVegas11Setup.exe, which is obviously the bundled version for Vegas.

During Installation I entered the Sony provided serial number and was, after installation, informed that I have 14 days to activate (I am now down to 12). This contradicts the above information as well as the Activation information in the help files.

A further problem is that when I do try to activate I get a message that an internet connection is not available, and hence cannot activate, instead of the activation form as per the manual. My editing machine is not connected to the net and I have no option, as per the manual, to use the “off line” process.

What happens after my remaining 12 days - no titler? There are some problems here that needs sorting.

Apart from a few crashes while playing with the titler, VP11 had none up till the use of the NewBlue Titler, it seems like a very nice titler.

PeterDuke wrote on 12/1/2011, 6:14 PM
I have Vegas 11 and NewBlue Titler installed on a machine which never has internet access. I don't remember what I had to do, but it must have been quite painless or I would remember. I have other NewBlue effects also installed.
jetdv wrote on 12/6/2011, 10:58 AM
It wants you to go through the "registration" process. There is no further "activation" required for Vegas Pro 11.
WillemT wrote on 12/6/2011, 11:26 AM

Thanks for the reply.

How do I complete the "registration" process from my machine without internet connection? It does not give any options.

Also, what happens once my remaining 7 days run out? The popup screen explicitely says "Activate NewBlue Titler Pro for Windows" and it starts by asking a Name and Email. The Sony provided serial number is listed and cannot be changed.

jetdv wrote on 12/6/2011, 12:11 PM
There is no way to complete the registration without internet access. After 7 days, it will simply continue to work fine in Vegas Pro 11.
WillemT wrote on 12/6/2011, 12:42 PM
Thanks for the reply.

I am sure you know and all will be OK. If I do have any further problems I will report back.