jetdv wrote on 12/6/2022, 9:07 AM

Bonjour, je viens d'installer une mise à jour de Vegas pro 20 incluant Newblue FX total. Quand je glisse NexblueFX Title pro7 -open Fx sur la barre video, je clique ensuite sur Opentitlepro et cela ne s'ouvre pas... Que faire ?

Hello, I just installed an update of Vegas pro 20 including Newblue FX total. When I drag NexblueFX Title pro7 -open Fx on the video bar, I then click on Opentitlepro and it does not open... What to do?

First of all, This doesn't go under VEGAS EFFECTS as that is another program included with VEGAS Post.

When you installed VEGAS Pro 20, did you actually install Titler Pro 7? Or did you install "Live2Post".

Live2Post includes a stripped down version of Titler Pro 7 that will let you import Titles used by VEGAS Stream onto the timeline in VEGAS. However, it will NOT let you create new titles. For that, you need the full version of Titler Pro 7.

Armand-FELIX wrote on 12/6/2022, 9:23 AM

En effet l'installation n'était pas complète. Maintenant ça fonctionne. Merci