Next/Previous chapter issue on bluray. DVD ok.

Guiyomus wrote on 5/15/2019, 4:56 AM

Hi everyone, I have made a simple project on DVDA7.
I created a music/video compilation, created a play all button and chapter button on the main menu, on the timeline of the compilation, all the videos have chapters marks at the begining. When I use the preview it works fine, i can use the buttons on the remote to go to the next chapter or the previous one.
Then i create a bluray iso, I tried to play it on vlc and i have no chapters marks, same thing when burning the bluray and playing it.
I have used exactly the same project to burn it on a dvd and it works fine, the chapters are all good, the buttons on the remote or VLC works.
I'm confused... :)


Here is a screencap of my bd project, you can see that the chapters are there.


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