Next/Previous chapter issue on bluray. DVD ok.

Guiyomus wrote on 5/15/2019, 4:56 AM

Hi everyone, I have made a simple project on DVDA7.
I created a music/video compilation, created a play all button and chapter button on the main menu, on the timeline of the compilation, all the videos have chapters marks at the begining. When I use the preview it works fine, i can use the buttons on the remote to go to the next chapter or the previous one.
Then i create a bluray iso, I tried to play it on vlc and i have no chapters marks, same thing when burning the bluray and playing it.
I have used exactly the same project to burn it on a dvd and it works fine, the chapters are all good, the buttons on the remote or VLC works.
I'm confused... :)


Here is a screencap of my bd project, you can see that the chapters are there.


Guiyomus wrote on 10/24/2019, 7:42 AM

Hi, I'm back.
A few months later, I still have no idea on how to fix this...


Former user wrote on 10/24/2019, 3:01 PM

Are these actual chapters of one video, or are they many separate videos?

Guiyomus wrote on 10/28/2019, 8:56 AM

these are separate videos, as a music/video compilation, the chapters got set up automatically at the begining of each videos.
As I said it works fine for the dvd project which is the same. but for the bluray project it works on dvd architect but not on the iso file or the burned bluray.