Next Version of Vegas and Wish List...

jrsunshine wrote on 2/22/2001, 8:27 AM
Is a new release of Vegas on the horizon (..Sonic Foundry,
no need to give a date; just a hint of when)?

My Wish List:
Improve the Vid Capture (File size limitations, etc)
Improve the Print to Tape (File size limitations, etc)
Add more compositing controls/features
Some form of Video Paint
Storyboard View
Motion Tracking


Rednroll wrote on 2/22/2001, 7:38 PM
I believe the file size limitations you are talking about
are actually a windows 98 limitation, not a Vegas
limitation. I believe the size is 4 gig, this limitation
does not exist in Windows 2000.
PipelineAudio wrote on 2/23/2001, 12:55 AM
And dont forget:

Hardware control and storage of Dynamic automation for all
mixer elements
VST plugs
One buss per soundcard channel instead of automatic stereo
Improved sensible real world routing ( fx pre/post pan for
example )
right click on track to " add file to batch "
Sensible file and batch handling for real world applications
ramallo wrote on 2/23/2001, 5:11 AM

-Asio 2 support.
-Punch in/out on fly.
-Phase invert button on every track.
-Total automatization of DirectX plugings (DirectX 8).
-Dual proccssor support of DirectX plugins.
- Better sincro (and native controllers) with most usefull
studio hardware (Via midi)like ADAT's or DA 88.
-Minimal MIDI support.
-5.1 or 7.1 support.
-General Master.
-Routing the FX send to a real out for use a real external

jrsunshine wrote on 2/23/2001, 10:05 AM
Great posts on the Audio side. Anybody out there got a
Video features wish list?

When will we see Vegas 3.0?

My Wish List:
Improve the Vid Capture/Print to Tape
More compositing controls/features
Some form of Video Paint
Storyboard View (not a priority)
Motion Tracking (this would be great!!)

I also wish more video plug-in devs would support Vegas
Video, or SF would find some way to incorporate Premiere
plug-ins. My guess is the architectures are totally
incompatible since Vegas uses DirectX for Video plug-ins.
bmcwatt wrote on 3/6/2001, 12:28 PM
A competitors product looks at the timecodes on the DV tape
and creates seperate segements for each start stop on the
tape. It would be nice if this feature was available.
FadeToBlack wrote on 3/8/2001, 6:31 AM
jeskridg wrote on 3/8/2001, 3:15 PM
Nice short list:

Improved Render times. vegas is my favorite app but slower rendering than others.
Batch file conversion.
Batch Print to Tape - i hate sitting there and manually filling a 60 minute tape with twenty 3 minute segments.
and it was said earlier but 5.1/7.1 audio support would make this the killer app.

Rockaway17 wrote on 3/8/2001, 11:49 PM
Speed control: Make video speeds upward of 400% without
having to render to a new track.
Sound speed: Being able to slow down and speed up sound
without using an external sound utility.
CDM wrote on 3/9/2001, 8:57 AM
not that it sounds that great, but have you tried ctrl-
dragging the edge of the audio event to lengthen (slow) or
shorten (speed up) the audio? You can change the properties
for this behavior by right-clicking on the event and
choosing Properties. Then change the Picth Shift to Change
Length, keep pitch, or whetever you want.
thomasw wrote on 3/18/2001, 5:09 AM
1) MIDI support, like Protools, Audio and Midi can be run
at the same time, sometimes i need a midi track to control
the digital mixer and external Filters that have midi
controller support.

2) Faster Rendering time
3) Better interface looking, it can look more professional,
at least a mixer windows with meterbridge
4) Better Mpeg plugin, The rendered mpeg files sometimes
can't be opened on a system without Ligos' codec
ramallo wrote on 3/18/2001, 5:43 AM

>2) Faster Rendering time

The use of multiple processors in a smp machine for

>3) Better interface looking, it can look more
>professional, at least a mixer windows with meterbridge

The interface are ok, is one of the better features of

trockman wrote on 3/18/2001, 12:07 PM
"-Routing the FX send to a real out for use a real external FX."

Unless I misunderstand what you mean, you can already do this by sending your FX send to a bus and then
sending that bus to an extra souncard hardware output(s). I run two external Lexicons this way.

My wishlist is:

* at least a single MIDI track to sync internally to (so I can do looping multiple takes while synced to MIDI
among other reasons)
* MIDI control of major Vegas parameters
* Ability to press record while Vegas is running for easier on-the-fly punching and pre-roll
* Ability to insert a new track below the one you last recorded onto so I don't keep having to move new tracks all
the way from the bottom to wherever I'm recording (with 40 tracks it's a pain in the b*tt)
jp3 wrote on 3/19/2001, 6:35 PM
On the Audio side...
How about envelopes that can be assigned to any effect
parameter instead of just "FX Level."

ramallo wrote on 3/19/2001, 7:34 PM

>"-Routing the FX send to a real out for use a real
>external FX."

>Unless I misunderstand what you mean, you can already do
>this by sending your FX send to a bus and then
>sending that bus to an extra souncard hardware output(s).
>I run two external Lexicons this way.

No, this is not true, you need use a bypassed plugin for
this, more and more latency if using this metod.

The Vegas need the possibility of send the fx output by a
real out.

A new request, a phase invert on every audio channel.

Cheesehole wrote on 5/4/2001, 5:53 PM
#1 wish:
Support for import/export of sequential images.

As a 3d animator, I prefer to render my 3d animations to
sequentially numbered 'frames' (frame001.tga, frame002.tga,
frame002.tga, etc). This is the best way to do it for many

Currently I have to use Premiere or AfterFX or something to
convert my animation into an AVI before I can use it in
Vegas. Then if I update a portion of my animation, or even
1 FRAME of my animation, I have to go back and re-render
the TGA's to an AVI so my update will show up in Vegas.

Vegas needs to be able to treat the image sequence as a
movie clip (like Premiere and AfterFX) so I can use my
animation just like any other video footage. Vegas needs
to be able to utilize the Alpha channel included in the
image files as well. Otherwise us animators have to render
two animations (one normal and one alpha channel), making
things complicated.

I also would like to be able to render from Vegas to an
image sequence. (each frame of video is output as a
numbered still)

Please include this feature in the next release, or even
better, give us an updated file format plugin so we can
have this feature now in Vegas 2.

Every time I demo Vegas, people just take it for granted
that support for sequential images is there, and when they
find out that it isn't, they become disappointed. I can't
say enough good things about the product, but the lack of
this feature makes it extremely difficult for any 3d
animator to use Vegas.
Avene wrote on 5/4/2001, 8:23 PM
Although it may be helpful to post all these requests here,
make sure you submit them to Sonic Foundry also. Click on
the 'support' menu above, and then click on 'product
suggestion'. At least it's the official way of doing it, so
they're sure to recieve your comments. I've posted a few
requests there, including having support for TGA image
sequences, as I do 3d also.