johnmeyer wrote on 12/6/2003, 8:28 PM
You can use it as a Track plugin. However, since audio events do not allow fX, you cannot use it on an event-by-event basis withint Vegas. If you need to use it only on one event, you need to open a copy of that audio event in SoundForge, use the noise reduction plugin there, and save it in SF. When you return to Vegas, the noise-reduced sound will be present as a new take.
jazzvalve wrote on 12/6/2003, 8:57 PM
I dont have SoundForge. Which is why I want to use it in Vegas. But I cant figure out how to run it at all without saving a preset of the noise. If I do that I"ll have hundreds of presets pretty soon because there is a lot of different places I shot video from.
RexA wrote on 12/6/2003, 11:14 PM
I haven't actually used NR from Sony/SF but I have used the noise reduction in Cooledit (now obsolete) which I think is similar in operation.

For a particular noise envioronment, you need to first select a portion of the audio that represents just the background noise and generate a noise profile that is used to determine what to extract as the actual reduction is applied over the audio. These profiles can be saved and recalled. Using a random profile on a section of audio could make it worse instead of better. In my experience there is a lot of adjusting that needs to be done and it can't make really bad problems go away.

If you don't have a reasonable length of just background noise to process for generating a profile, the results may not be good at all. Simpler methods, such as graphic equalizers might work better.
johnmeyer wrote on 12/7/2003, 1:45 AM
I think you are right. Without Sound Forge, the noise reduction plugin is pretty much useless in Vegas because you can't design your own noise prints, which pretty much defeats the whole purpose of the plugin. Vegas does a rather poor job of utilizing the DirectX sound plugins, not only because they can't be used on a per-event basis, but, as you point out, you cannot read samples of sound from within Vegas in order to create new presets.
jcg wrote on 12/7/2003, 1:51 AM
The Noise Reduction I've seen DSE do in VASST Training and in his DVD Vegas 4.0 Training series has him working as follows: from Vegas to Sound Forge to Noise Reduction.

1) Project is open in Vegas
2) Right click on audio event you want to work on
3) Select "Open Copy in Sound Forge"
4) You are now in Sound Forge
5) Select a tiny portion of representative noise you want to get rif of
6) Click on "Dx Favorites" in the main menu bar
7) The drop-down menu will list Noise Reduction (rememebr this is only the case if you have also purchased Noise Reduciton)
8) Click on Noise Reduction and continue the work

There are other ways to accomplish noise reduction. However, if you want to work with the Noise Reduction program and within Vegas, the only way I have seen this done is via Sound Forge. Maybe there is a way that others can provide for working directly from Vegas to Noise Reduction.

TorS wrote on 12/7/2003, 4:23 AM
Why don't you download the Noise Reduction manual? It tells you exactly and in detail how to use the NR with Vegas. You do not HAVE to use Sound Forge (althogh that is explained, too). If you have more than one event you can sort them to one track and add NR there (or on a bus and channel all the affected tracks through that bus). Or you can use NR as a non real time effect on one certain event or more IN Vegas. Look it up.
JJKizak wrote on 12/7/2003, 9:07 AM
Then go down to the lower left of the noise reduction menu where it
says "general" then click "Noiseprint" which is next to it. Then select at the lower right hand corner "select" which brings up another menu
and then select "all media" (can't remember exact nomenclature)
then click OK on the select menu then click OK on the noise reduction
menu. This will apply the reduction to the whole clip. There are about a zillion other scenarios here and you must experiment profusely.

Liam_Vegas wrote on 12/7/2003, 10:05 AM
> they can't be used on a per-event basis, but, as you point out, you cannot read samples of sound from within Vegas in order to create new presets.

Not quite true... you can definitely capture a noise-print of an audio clip direct from the timeline.. the issue is that you must do it on a track-based event rather than event-based. But your noise-print can be very specifically captured from any area of the audio in that track that best represents your noise.

I have NR2 and for me this type of use of the plugin works fine for the type of work I do (although I do also have SF so I can work in that of necessary).
Spot|DSE wrote on 12/7/2003, 10:27 AM
Although I did demonstrate how to use NR in Vegas, I also did save a noise print. You don't have to do this in order to make it work, but it's helpful. This is why I point out that NR works best in Forge, rather than in Vegas. You CAN do this in Vegas, but for me, as a long-time Forge user, I prefer to do it in Forge. Also, it saves as a 'take' in Vegas, rather than using processor time to hear noise removed in real-time. In the end, this is faster, from my POV.
Keep in mind, you can apply the NR on a bus, which is how Sony recommends it, or you can use it on a track, which is how many here are recommending it.
My recommendation, is that you use Forge. If you don't have it, then use it on a bus, rather than a track. This gives you more leeway, and also allows you to process more than one file at a time by assigning other tracks to the bus.
As someone else pointed out, the manual is pretty specific on how to do this in Vegas, I think it contains some specific steps. It's been a long while since I looked at the manual but I remember it being there.