ritsmer wrote on 9/27/2012, 8:55 AM
I have "the old" Noise reduction 2.0h too and it is a 32 bit plug-in only.

As Vegas 12 is a 64 bit program only, they will not work together.

Vegas Pro 12 is supposed to come with an updated to 64 bit Noise reduction plug-in, but AFAIK such things are normally not distributed with trial versions - so if you have not got and installed the paid version of 12 that is probably the explanation.

sergiob wrote on 9/27/2012, 9:04 AM
I just installed the paid version of Vegas 12 Pro and none of the announced 64-bit noise reduction tools (Audio Restoration, Click and Crackle Removal, Clipped Peak Restoration, and Noise Reduction) were installed. :-(
cityanimal wrote on 9/27/2012, 9:06 AM
I using a Vegas Pro 12 that I bought yesterday. I guess I need the 64bit version of Noise Reduction 2.0. But how do I get it? There's no mention of a 64bit version on the Sony software page.
sergiob wrote on 9/28/2012, 9:04 AM
I believe the 64bit version of Noise Reduction 2.0 should have been installed with Vegas Pro 12 and not a separate download.
edenilson wrote on 9/28/2012, 10:19 AM
is not installed along .. bought vegas pro 12 and has 64-bit noise reduction
1marcus4 wrote on 9/28/2012, 11:45 AM
The manual states that v12 SUPPORTS 64-bit noise reduction, but nowhere does it say that it INCLUDES 64-bit noise reduction.

DigVid wrote on 9/28/2012, 12:33 PM
I don't know about the manual but, here's what the Vegas 12 Pro software features show:

" New! 64-bit audio plug-ins

Previously, a number of Sound Forge Pro 32-bit plug-ins did not work in Vegas Pro 64-bit versions. These plug-ins have been re-written for 64-bit and are now compatible with Vegas Pro 12. The updated plug-ins include the four Noise Reduction 2.0 plug-ins (Audio Restoration, Click and Crackle Removal, Clipped Peak Restoration, and Noise Reduction), along with Acoustic Mirror, Zplane élastique Pro timestretch, and Wave Hammer. "
1marcus4 wrote on 9/28/2012, 2:00 PM

Yeah, I read that as well. But it really doesn't answer the question. Am I being set up for an additional $200 charge for NEW rewritten plug-ins? Will I get a free upgrade since I already own v2.0h? Or are they included with Pro v12?

cityanimal wrote on 10/1/2012, 12:42 PM
where is the 64 bit version of Noise Reduction 2.0?
ritsmer wrote on 10/3/2012, 3:24 PM
Bought V12 too in order to use the great Noise Reduction in a 64 bit Vegas as promised - I also can not find the Noise Reduction anywhere.

Forum Admin ? Please ??

SonySCS wrote on 10/5/2012, 10:23 AM
The 64-bit NR 2.0 update will be a separate install and hasn't had the very final approval yet. Soon.
Also the final approval for the 64-bit Sound Forge plug-ins (Wave Wammer, Acoustic Mirror...) will be soon but I don't know when.

JJKizak wrote on 10/5/2012, 11:32 AM
Thank you,
cityanimal wrote on 10/5/2012, 3:46 PM
I reiterate where is the 64 bit version of Noise Reduction 2.0 that Sony claims V Pro 12 can use?
ChristoC wrote on 10/5/2012, 4:56 PM
Seems there is no elastique 64 bit plugin included with VP12 release either.
WillemT wrote on 10/5/2012, 5:06 PM
Don't remember elastique to be a plugin.

If you righthand click an audio track you will find it under the Time stretch / pitch shift method. Do we assume this is 64bit now?

ChristoC wrote on 10/5/2012, 5:16 PM
Yes elastique was a plugin in VP9, VP10 & VP11... it could be inserted into Track or Clip, and is different to the Clip Timestretch interface (which does appear in VP12) in that within its neat little interface we could manipulate both Pitch and Time separately or together, and control Formants:

or is VP12 just becoming dumbed-down?
WillemT wrote on 10/5/2012, 5:26 PM
Well, live and learn. Never knew that. Did it only come with the 32 bit versions? I cannot remember when last I used a 32 bit version and that could be the reason.

ritsmer wrote on 10/6/2012, 3:40 AM
@SonySCS: Ok. Thank you Suzan.

@cityanimal: pls. see SonySCS's answer some 6-7 posts above.

@WillemT: Only 64 bit versions? - interesting - here I use only 32 bit versions (of Vegas 11) and - besides having all the plug-ins incl. the always surprisingly good NoiseReduction - my Vegas is bedrock stable (use it several hours a day with full HD AVCHD plus other formats)
It seems that the recent 32 bit versions do not have any restraints or limits as to project size etc - but they just do it all.
They actually keep making me forget to save regularly because there is no reason for it - as long as I keep away from playing with some large JPGs and some probably not quite standard mp3's .
megabit wrote on 10/6/2012, 4:31 AM
Yes, that's true. I do have them in Sound Forge 10, and they are seen in 32bit VP (10 & 11). They are NOT available in 64bit Vegas (11 or 12).

That said, the Elastique technology can be used in both bit versions; when you stretch/compress a clip it's available as a method of dealing with sound pitch. But without own interface!


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