Normalization question

xzb6np wrote on 7/31/2009, 8:14 AM
Can someone please explain exactly what checking the normalization box does in CD Architect? I have noticed something interesting on an event. I originally imported it as a wav file and checked the normalize box. I just noticed that if I check and uncheck the box several times it seems to increase the nornalization even more than the 1st time I checked it. Is this normal. What is the normalization actually doing? I also have another song where the RMS and Peak volume seem to be decreased by normalization rather than increased. Is that because I have the options set to max normization of -0.5 db?


Geoff_Wood wrote on 7/31/2009, 3:35 PM
Normalisation is scaling the level so that the loudest peak reaches the set normalisation level. The default (Options|Preferences|Editing|NormalisePeakLevel) is -0.1dB, but many prefer -0.3dB FS which gives a poor quality DAC a little more breathing room before potentially outputting artifacts..

The only way the overall gain applied should change on subsequent un-norm/norm instances is if the event has been split or trimmed such that a different peak becomes the 'yardstick'.

Page 86 of the manual pretty much sums it up.

Note that event normalisation is 'pre' event-level, event-FX-chain, and Master, so is most useful when no other FX (maybe other than level-reducing ones) are to be applied.