Occasional pops in audio

Tencryn wrote on 5/21/2023, 12:40 PM

I experience occasional audio pops in Vegas, specifically with the Modmic USB recorded with OBS. It is hard to reproduce, but sometimes if I edit more of the video (such as moving or rearranging clips), the audio will no longer pop at that position but elsewhere instead. Not too sure why that may be.

The pops are not present in the raw footage from OBS, so they appear in Vegas and will appear in the rendered video too.

OBS is set to record audio at 44,100Hz, the Vegas project was set to 48,000Hz but I changed that to 44,100Hz to no avail. Footage is recorded on a laptop with GTX 1650 Ti and an Intel Core i5 10300H.

Any ideas what might be happening? Thanks in advance.


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