Odd Red Frames - NOT in Playback

mjroddy wrote on 4/16/2010, 1:16 PM
This hasn't presented itself as a problem, but a point of curiosity and vague frustration:
On my timeline, I have only half a dozen clips. I have Show Frames turned on. Two of the events have red frames showing for the very last frame. One is a Cineform video and the other is a graphic animation I rendered from AE. Neither of these SHOULD end in red. Stepping through them frame-by-frame, there is no red on Playback.
If I trim the event/clip backward by one frame, the red goes away, so it SEEMS to be added only to the EndFrame.
Again, this doesn't seem to affect me literally, but I don't like them there. They're not right and it makes me nervous seeing them (making me think there's something corrupt).

I'm currently on VegasPro 9c. Older WinXP, 2Meg Ram, Nvidia card (I don't recall the model).

Any thoughts on this (besides, "continue to ignore them")?



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