Odd Trimmer Behaviour When Floating (V11.0)

Lou van Wijhe wrote on 10/31/2011, 2:49 PM
I filed the following bug report with SCS:

When you have the Trimmer window floating and you click the "Trimmer on External Monitor" button, the image is not displayed. When you then click the trimmer's Play button, there is an 10 seconds delay before the clip is displayed on the external monitor. When the Trimmer window is docked, everything works OK.

I'll report back when I hear from them.



paul_w wrote on 10/31/2011, 4:28 PM
Yep, confirmed here too.
Strange, once its docked its fine again, even when you undock it. But if you change the clip in the trimmer to new footage, problem comes back again until docked.

paul_w wrote on 11/1/2011, 3:02 PM
Still not fixed in build 425 sorry to say. Hopefully the next one :)

Lou van Wijhe wrote on 11/1/2011, 4:54 PM
Neither in build 424. I wrote SCS as follows:

Thanks for responding. I did install build 424 but the problem didn't go away. However, I narrowed it down to the following situation: