OFX keyframe issues anyone else ?

LoTN wrote on 11/6/2010, 6:28 AM

I just want to share this and learn if someone gets the same before I fill a ticket to SCS. These are from some quick tests with BCC Film effects, using curves and lanes. I wonder if these are specific to BCC or are just generic problems with OFX plugins.

All the below is with BBC Film process.

A double click on a keyframe handle in lane mode or using the contextual menu in curve mode (Set to) displays a slider. I was expecting to get the slider adjusted to the current keyframe value and its handle positioned accordingly. After pop-up, I get the slider at the right position with a value of 1 whatever the actual setting value is.

For the vast majority of plugins, usual behaviour of a double click on a slider is to reset to the default value. If it works as expected in the plugin pane, it seems it is quite different with curves and lanes slider of the FX TL: for example, doing so with pre process gamma correction setting, I get 0.20 while I expected 1.0. For the saturation, the slider is not displayed where one would expect but at least the reset ends in value set to 0 which is good.

Other GUI inconcistencies I see:

The double click action on some keyframe doesn't work in curve mode, I can only get the contextual menu. I was expecting to get the same in lane mode.

When having to align two keyframes, it is impossible to do it using the topmost keyframe indicator (the diamond handle), there will be always an offset unless I use the setting keyframe handle itself (ie the disc). This behaviour prevents an easy alignment of a subset of keyframes with another one but it can be circumvented using a multiple selection. I was expecting the diamond handle to do this. Am I wrong here ?

Zooming the FX automation TL to the maximum shows that adjacent keyframes can have the same time sync while they are not displayed at the very same place. I am ok with is if there is no temporal offset between them (not tested yet).

Another one. With sync cursor active, let's say I need to move some keyframe(s). Placing the head to the desired position in order to use it as a marker is useless. Clicking on any keyframe handle will make the cursor to be moved to the region over the click was done. I expected the cursor would not move when clicking on the keyframe handles. To make the story short, the TL cursor in FX automation should move on explicit request.

As usual, your inputs are welcome ! Thanks.


RRA wrote on 11/6/2010, 7:11 AM

Please report problem to SCS. It looks like part of wider problem, that SVP10 sometimes is loosing syncro in effects windows and it causes problems on animate fx TL, with syncro between animate fx TL and main TL, is affecting also preview and even sliders in effect.

Problem is difficult to recreate and it's important to describe it and confirm to SCS. I have already sent my reports.

Best regards,