drbam wrote on 4/12/2002, 11:43 AM
THANK YOU SoFo for separating the forums!
SHTUNOT wrote on 4/12/2002, 4:34 PM
Thankyou sofo!!!!!

MacMoney wrote on 4/12/2002, 6:48 PM
Thank You Sonic Foundry

George Ware
PipelineAudio wrote on 4/13/2002, 3:27 AM
In the past I hated the idea of splitting, but now there is a need!
Thanks SF!!!
zendar wrote on 4/13/2002, 9:46 PM
Thank f***!

Ok, so SF6 has non-destructive editing, CDA (sort of) lives in Vegas 3, and now the forums have split. So I should expect VST/ASIO support any day now?

SHTUNOT wrote on 4/13/2002, 10:05 PM
It hasn't been a year yet after VV3 has been released? Sonar is up to version 2.0. How much ground can Vegas 4 cover in one upgrade remains to be seen. They've had MORE than enough time to develop the audio side by now.

The only thing we can look forward to next in the near future upgrade wise is acid 4. I wonder if both vegas 4 and acid 4 will be out by summer NAMM. That would be the ideal time to announce sofo's intent on not forgetting audio.
MacMoney wrote on 4/14/2002, 8:48 AM
I think (or hope) Sonic Foundry will bring Vegas up to speed on the audio side of the house.
I'd like to see the following
Hardware Control Surfaces support by Mackie, JL Cooper etc.
WDM and ASIO/Re-Wire support.
A simple midi seq.
Support for Software Synths VST& DXi
DX automation and the ability to record fader movement via hardware or mouse.
Audio time stamping
Reverse audio feature
Automation Envelopes for track and master busses.
5.1 surround sound with automation or offer it as a Vegas plugin.
We'll see

George Ware
gjn wrote on 4/15/2002, 3:09 AM
jbrazier wrote on 4/15/2002, 9:14 AM
I feel like my original post has triumphed! Final, Audio has it's own place!