OK, Why won't the print-to-tape work?

Chase42 wrote on 5/20/2001, 7:20 PM
I'm using a Canon GL-1 and Capture 2e, a pyro firewire card, and a 500mhz P-3
with 384 meg of RAM. My first few projects printed back fine. (Made with Vegas 2.0b and Vid. Cap. 2.0b).
Now I have two new projects, one 10 min. and the other 17 min.
Now I can't print them back to tape! I've loaded and installed the directx8a and DV finder updates,
I've updated to Vid Cap. 2,0e. Nothing solves the problem. The print wil start, but after 1-3 minutes it quits the stream.
I need to get these done and move on with my life!
Any thoughts?


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