Old Dog learns XP

farss wrote on 2/22/2005, 10:29 AM
Being past the half century I try to avoid any of these new fangled gizmos like Window XP (I've lived happily with Win2K for many years) but the new box came with XP Pro SP2 pre-installed and HT don't work with Win2K anyways so I've had to take the leap into the unkown.
So far everything flies very nicely, even the XP activation that everyone liked to winge about was painless, did it over the phone, if you ever needs to do this I'd recommend a speaker phone.
Anyway there is one problem I'm having and I'm pretty certain now it's an XP problem. Playing out ANYTHING including DV25 with no FXs on the Vegas T/L every ten seconds the fps drops for about 2 seconds, capture is fine, no dropped frames, render and encode speeds are blisteringly fast although they too seem to dip at around the same period.
Now I'm pretty certain this is caused by XP firing off some service or polling for something. I've disabled and unplugged all network connection but that makes no difference except I have a stuck on network connection labelled "Windows TV and Video" (or something similar), XP will not let me disable this connection which is odd. I doubt it's the gremlin but who knows.
I'm not really that interested in wringing ever last ounce of speed out of XP, I more of a leave well enough alone kind of person but I would like to kill off whatever is causing these jumps in playback cause it's mighty distracting.

I know there's been several long threads some time ago about tweaking XP but that info could, given SP2 be a bit out of date.


nickle wrote on 2/22/2005, 10:42 AM
I've never seen "Windows TV and Video" but there is the 1394 which some recommend be disabled.

Considering what you probably have hooked up to firewire it might be relevant.
BillyBoy wrote on 2/22/2005, 11:12 AM
To tame the beast called Windows try this. Start/run then type in services.msc. You'll get a laundry list of "services" that XP is currently running. Clicking on each you'll see a brief explination of what the service does and a few columns over see if its automatic, manual or disabled. Likely there are several services Windows thinks you need running but you probably don't. Proceeding with caution, try turning off some services you don't need one at a time. Note what the status was originally in case you need to restore things as they were. Like messing with the Regisry, not for the faint of heart, but something to fool around with. For example Microsoft thinks you need Messenger, that cute little snipet where people can send you a message. You can disable it. There are many little value servcies, some that deal with networking, others creature comfort. Just don't turn off anything critical.
Bob Greaves wrote on 2/22/2005, 11:13 AM
In order to help we would have to know more about your system. For example, Microsoft Office and several XP services do poll the computer regularly.

You may find good advice on how to tweak your system by doing a google search on tweaking xp for a DAW (digital audio workstation).

Some of that advice helps to streamline activity to just those things that are necessarry for seamless audio editing. Video is even more intensive. Good luck.
JJKizak wrote on 2/22/2005, 11:18 AM
I believe there was a thread a while back about how the windows movie maker likes to take over things.

farss wrote on 2/22/2005, 11:36 AM
Thanks guys, particulalry BB, I knew about that one but had completely forgotten about it. I've been so focussed on running HDV tests on this box I've never had a chance to do all the things one should do FIRST, like get the box running properly and get your brain around a new OS BEFORE you leap into a dozen other new things.
Just for a laugh tomorrow I'm going to try mounting a HFS+ volume over 1394 (I'll get MacDrive), suck an uncompressed MOV file into Vegas and from there PTT via SD Connect to DigiBetacam with machine control while TWO Macolites peer over my shoulder.
Maybe I'm not such an old dog after all.
nickle wrote on 2/22/2005, 11:53 AM
A reminder

Do not turn of terminal services or fast user switching as Vegas needs them.

But you already knew that.
farss wrote on 2/22/2005, 12:05 PM
No I didn't !!
Why does Vegas need terminal services?
Vegas runs under Win2K which doesn't have terminal services?
nickle wrote on 2/22/2005, 12:12 PM
Don't know why it uses either of them but I know it breaks Vegas if disabled.

If I remember correctly it is an error message on startup but clicking OK lets it work.

here ya go

jcvmp5 wrote on 2/22/2005, 12:34 PM
Here is a link from Videguys website on tweaking WIN XP for video edting.


Make sure you write down default settings before making any changes. Hope this helps.
MUTTLEY wrote on 2/22/2005, 1:02 PM

And for a list of services and tips on what is/isn't okay to disable check here:


- Ray

nickle wrote on 2/22/2005, 1:31 PM
I haven't really used 2000 so I don't know if this applies, but transitioning from 98, I found that right-clicking the start button and properties and using windows "classic" start menu gave me more comfort than having XP go through its "I know better than you" routines.

Then you can customize some settings, like expandable control panel and my favorite is to put all my "Video" apps into a folder and dragging it to the start menu and things like that.

And having "My Computer" on the desktop.
filmy wrote on 2/22/2005, 3:11 PM
I second, thrid, forth, etc what Ray said - Black Vipers site, for me anyway, is the main place to go for tweaks. Updated now with pages for SP1 and SP2 - all along with the first, "gold" XP.
filmy wrote on 2/22/2005, 3:15 PM
>>>Do not turn of terminal services or fast user switching as Vegas needs them.<<<


I have had fast user switching turned off for ages, one of the first thing I turned off...both on my old set up and this new one. Vegas does not seem to be bothered by that at all. I will have to check on the terminal services one.

EDIT - read the link that had this response: Terminal services is used for fast user switching. If you don't need this feature in WinXP, then go ahead and disable it. So really - it is not needed than. I have never gotten any sort of error - but the thread was about the Veggie ToolKit so maybe it only happens if you have that instralled as well? Either way I never got any errors that lead back to terminal services or fast user switching.
pjrey wrote on 2/22/2005, 3:20 PM
this is what did:
remove everything from startup menu (you can manually start anything you want)
click start, goto run and type " msconfig "
goto startup... you can uncheck everythying if you want.. nothing is super critical... although if you have virus protection... or firewalls, you may want to run them you can see for yourself what is being started.. and you can use your own discretion

with XP they made it all cutsies... to make it uncute and faster... rightclick MY COMPUTER.. goto properties, and goto the ADVANCED tab. then, the top one, PERFORMACES click SETTINGS... .and uncheck what you wish...

check task maneger to see what is running after a fresh restart....
should hang around 0-2% system resources...

good luck!

farss wrote on 2/23/2005, 12:40 AM
That's one thing that really puts me off about XP, why do uStuff think we don't need My Computer? Maybe those guys in Redmond reckon it's Their Computer?
ibliss wrote on 2/23/2005, 3:54 AM
You can add 'My computer' back onto the desktop - right click on the desktop, click 'properties'. Selcect the 'desktop' tab and click on 'customize desktop' button. Check the box that says 'my computer in the top section of the next window. And it's done.

Personally I put a 'my computer' link in the quick launch section of the task bar. One click and I'm there.
farss wrote on 2/23/2005, 4:30 AM
This forum is such a good place for getting good info on just about anything, I bet I could start a thread asking for recipes for ginger beer and get at least 10 good ones.
Thanks so much guys.
LarryP wrote on 2/23/2005, 5:54 AM
Also search the support site for answer ID 590 which contains the minimum XP/W2K services needed to run Vegas.

farss wrote on 3/5/2005, 1:10 AM
So today I armed myself with a diligently compiled mound of paper on how to tweak XP for Vegas and I'm sitting there watching my preview run at 25fps for 5 seconds and then drop to 20 fps and then come back to 25 fps for 5 seconds and lent back in my chair and just happened to glance at the timeline to check the audio waveform and then it dawnd on me what was going on and why for no apparent reason the problem would vanish and come back.

It's Vegas refreshing the timeline, duh. If I zoom right out, no problemo, zoom right in and thing go really bad, duh. Zoom about 2/3 of the way it and the preview glitches every 5 or 10 or 20 seconds.

Probably what's making this worse is running two monitors at different res and the big one at 1920x1440. The actual CPU horsepower is pretty awesome, I can drop a few FXs onto a clip and still get 25fps at Best/Full so long as the T/L doesn't have to be redrawn. Also having such a huge second monitor makes it hard to watch the T/L and the preview which is probably how I've missed the connection for so long.
I guess now that I've nutted this out if I go back and I apply all those XP tweaks the thing will really scream along.
ushere wrote on 3/5/2005, 10:05 PM
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1 level tablespoonful ground ginger
1 level tablespoonful granulated sugar
2 oz baker's yeast
1 pint water
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juice of 6-8 lemons
2 lb granulated sugar
Water to top up

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farss wrote on 3/6/2005, 3:44 AM
thanks for that!
It will be put to a very practical use. Our son is growing aquatic planst which need plenty of CO2 in the water so we're going to use the CO2 from the ginger beer fermentation to feed the plants as well.