FadeToBlack wrote on 10/4/2002, 5:16 PM
Sr_C wrote on 10/4/2002, 6:04 PM
I'm curious as to why VV crashes when dropping a still on the timeline. If I were you I would correct this before proceeding. What file types are you using? How does it crash? Any error messages? What are your system specs? I don't know if I'll know the cause of your problem but I am pretty sure some of the experts in this forum will be able to help you correct it. -Shon
vicmilt wrote on 10/4/2002, 9:13 PM
Just finished importing 200 frames exactly as you are attempting.
Ours came out of a FLASH animation, which automatically numbers the frames.

Hopefully so did yours (come out of a program with automatic numbering). If not, you'll have to number the frames by hand. Make sure to use 3 digit numbering, so the frames sort correctly, 001, 002, 003 etc.
Bush wrote on 10/5/2002, 4:27 PM
Is there a way to control how long the still images remain before the next image appears? I'm lookingt to import about 200 image into vegas and have them play for about 3 - 5 secounds each and then fade to the next image with music and narration.

Newbe Gus
Sr_C wrote on 10/5/2002, 4:35 PM
GOTO Options--->Preferences---->Editing tab--->New Still image length(seconds) chose however long you wish each pic to be played for. -Shon
edna6284 wrote on 10/6/2002, 3:51 PM
Hi Sr_C, perhaps you misunderstood's not dropping A still on the timeline, it's dropping 600 stills on the timeline that causes the crash!. But the 'file > open' solution works well (I've never thought of using that). Thanks all....DE