Optimizing playback with AVCHD - Use Vegas 11?

MTuggy wrote on 9/8/2013, 2:37 PM
I've been using V12 since is came out and hoping each revision will improve its stability and function. I've been plagued with poor preview playback framerates and tried various Nvidia drivers for the GTX 465 video card but it still often has framerate under 10 if I have GPU acceleration turned on in Vegas 12 only (plus it crashed randomely).

So for grins, I tested the exact same video files in V11 and V12. The Vegas 11 playback with GPU turned on: 52-56 fps (59 fps footage), Vegas 12: 10-12 fps.

If I turn off GPU in V12, it bumps up to 50-55.
Seems like this should be fixable but not sure how widespread this issue is. Would be curious to see other's test results.



willqen wrote on 9/8/2013, 7:43 PM
Hmmm. Interesting. You have a similar setup to mine.

I spent many years using my HDR-Z1U cam which is almost identical to your FX-1, as my main cam.
Also use 64bit Win7. Have a little more RAM but most importantly I'm still using a NVidia GTX 460v2.
Mostly because I'm waiting for the newer and more powerful cards to firm up a bit with drivers and such before I invest in another video card.

I generally don't experience too much of the dreaded low frame rate problem.

If I do I will just dial back my preview quality from best to good or Preview. And always on Half. No Auto or full.

That seems to make more difference on my system than anything.

Try that and see if that helps.

If you still have problems let me know here (I lurk regularly) and I will give you a detailed list of my settings. Maybe since our systems are somewhat similar we can work out a solution so your system will work at least as well as mine. OK?

Good luck. I know lots of folks have helped me here whether they know it or not, so you might also try searching some older posts. This topic does come up from time to time and the far wiser then I have posted many solutions and workarounds to this problem.

Let us/me know ....

Rob Franks wrote on 9/8/2013, 8:20 PM
"If I turn off GPU in V12, it bumps up to 50-55.

I find that things are generally better if gpu is turned off.

With gpu off I can place up to 5 tracks of avchd (1080/p60) each tuned to 50% opacity and get full frame rate (59.94). With gpu off I can also take those 5 tracks and dump them all into a multicam track and play at full frame rate. (This is all with preview set to preview auto)

BUT... when I turn gpu on, my frame rate takes a nose dive. I can barely get 2 tracks up to full frame rate. About the only thing I find GPU good for is for final renders. They do seem to shorten rendering times. But for time line playback.... forget it. You're better off with pure cpu horsepower.... the more the merrier.
(I'm running Vegas 12....i7, gtx285)
willqen wrote on 9/8/2013, 9:53 PM
I agree absolutely. Thanks for mentioning that, Rob !!

CPU Power is always better than GPU power in Vegas.

It's something to do with how Vegas is structured.

Rob is absolutely right.