OT: A quick "Thumbs up or down" to this...

B.Verlik wrote on 10/22/2005, 9:37 PM
Sorry to entertain this here, but it's slow on weekends and I need a quick answer. A friend has called asking my advice about a sound card he has a chance to pick up, used. The information I found on it was sketchy.
It's called Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96 with some kind of break out box. While the break out box appears to have 10 inputs total,(UPDATE: 4 Inputs and 6 outs) I got the impression that you could only record 4 at a time but couldn't find that info in print.
Since so many here have decent equipment, I'd like a real opinion from those who may have tried it or at least know about it.
Anyway, just a quick 'It's good" or "Stay away" is good enough for me. (bonus points for "why")


Spot|DSE wrote on 10/23/2005, 12:46 AM
The Aardvark tools have generally been pretty good as far as hardware, they've had some weirdness in the past as far as drivers, but many hardware companies do.
They're out of business now, but if it's used, there wouldn't be tech support anyway.
MarkWWW wrote on 10/23/2005, 4:10 AM
I'd suggest caution with anything from Aardvark, unless it's virtually free.

As far as I can recall, while the hardware was generally thought to be quite good the drivers were always somewhat problematic, and the company went out of business a year or more ago before they had really resolved the problems with the drivers.

But there is a support webpage for the Aardvark product line run by an Aardvark Support Group that may help you sort out any problems if you decide to go for it anyway. It's at http://asg.hopto.org/

"Stay away" would be my quick answer.

trock wrote on 10/23/2005, 7:13 AM
Definitely stay away. I had one of these many years ago and it was buggy (drivers) and since they went out of business there is no way to get updated drivers.
B.Verlik wrote on 10/23/2005, 8:10 PM
Thank you, I'll tell him to forget it. Which was sort of what I already hinted from the start.