OT: Acid XMC 6.0 question

Ace Fortune wrote on 9/1/2007, 5:40 PM
I just installed my Acid software and I'm using it for the first time. It came with a project already started in it and I was wondering where all the media it came with is located at? I'm guessing it came with media because some is used in the example project it came loaded with.

Btw, I would have put this in the "Acid" forums but nobody goes there.



MyST wrote on 9/1/2007, 6:18 PM
I would say it's in the Acid folder somewhere.

Also, if you want more free loops, check out www.acidplanet.com

They have "8 Packs" that contain loops you can use for your own projects. Just don't use the 8 Pack as is, since that's a no-no.
Ace Fortune wrote on 9/1/2007, 7:31 PM
I still can't find the media.

Also, thanks for "8 packs advice" and can I use those loops in business projects or just personal projects? Do I have to credit them?

MyST wrote on 9/2/2007, 6:03 AM
In mine it's in, C... Program Files... Sony... Acid Pro 6... Startup Project.

Loops are royalty free. You'll want to read up on what that means specifically if you want to use it in projects.
Generally speaking, you can use them to create your own works.
If you use a loop as is in your video project, it is now part of a project and is therefore allowed.
You cannot download an 8 pack and pass it off as your own. The 8 packs are copyrighted, I think.

Again, I'm just stating some rules here, not all of them. I'm hungry and have no time to go into details. :-)
JohnnyRoy wrote on 9/2/2007, 6:41 AM
Check the CD that ACID came on and see if there is a content folder with samples of loops. The same samples can be downloaded from Loops & Samples web pages. Each library pages gives you 5 or 6 sample loops. The CD just has these already downloaded. You can download them yourself and build a sample loop collection.

> Btw, I would have put this in the "Acid" forums but nobody goes there.

What did you base that on? There are new posts to the ACID form almost every day, 13 in the past week, and I and others go there regularly. The ACID form may not have the volume of posts that Vegas does but I would not say "nobody goes there".

MyST wrote on 9/2/2007, 7:35 AM
Also... who better to give you the best replies to your questions than the Acid users themselves. ;-)