OT: Activation Codes for NR - Help!?

Grazie wrote on 5/31/2004, 9:56 PM
I know this is a Noise Reduction thing and NOT Vegas . but please help ..

Without getting into the wrongs and rights of Activation Codes systems, I've registered NR for a non-INTERNET computer. I now have the activation codes, now WHERE do I enter it back on the NR-ed pc? The AC field doesn't appear . . what am I doing incorrectly?

Maybe others have had to use ACs for Vegas or other Sony s/w and can give this "dolt" an hand up?

Oh yeah .. in my frustration I've thought to "delete" NR from my system to be able to "see again" the activation code file entry point - eh - no . . it doesn't appear. Now I'll probably need another AC to get this working - as the Sony Upgrade is now showing a different pc signature . .hey ho . . .




Grazie wrote on 5/31/2004, 10:12 PM
No worries! Done it . . !

While waiting for the Activation Code email to arrive back - sent 3 days ago, I hit the weekend void - I stumbled on the need to "continue" the floppy disc shimmy. I just repeated the AC offline reg from another pc and was told to "Enter" the activation code. Oh is this where it is when I continue to reg offline . . uhuh! Hmmm.... maybe a little offline information tweak for dolts like myself maybe in order?

I could delete this thread, but I think I'll leave it here for others to larf at . .OR even get some assistance for doing something similar in the future.

Grazie . . . . . .
BillyBoy wrote on 6/1/2004, 6:56 AM
My biggest pet peeve. It don't work. Twice at least I tried to register or 'activate' from another computer, went to the online computer did the dance, and waited, and waited and waited some more for a reply. Any kind of reply. Nothing, nada, zip. Days go by. . .always needing to phone customer support in the end and start over. Very frustrating.
JakeHannam wrote on 6/1/2004, 12:10 PM
I ran into a similar problem over the weekend when I had to reinstall XP. I keep all my serial numbers in a Microsoft Access database so I can copy and paste (especially useful when upgrading from previous versions where you need the old serial number).

Anyway, when I reinstalled NR and went to use the SN I was given when I bought it, it would not work. I got a message saying the number was invalid.

This is what I did and it may work for others. In my downloads directory, I had a 'registry' file for NR even though I don't remember ever creating it or receiving it as part of the download. Anyway, I right clicked on this registry file and installed it and voila! NR now works again.

Don't ask me to explain how that all happened but it DID work for me and maybe it will for you as well.