OT: Any other webmasters having problems with SP2 and audio downloads?

Jsnkc wrote on 8/26/2004, 12:11 PM
Ok, I know this is WAY off topic, but I know a lot of you have your own websites and probably have video and audio files on them to download so here's the question...

I run a few websites, a lot of them have MP3 files on them. When you click on the link to play them you can either open them or save them to the hard drive. On a computer without SP2 (Windows XP Service Pack 2), if you select open it will download the file then open up Windows media player and play the file fine. On a computer with SP2 installed, if you select to open the file it will download the file, then open windows media player, and then crash and say there was an error opening the file. If you select to download the file to your hard drive and then play it from there it works fine.

I've checked a bunch of other websites that have MP3 files on them for download and they all do the same thing. This is also happening with Real Media files as well.

This is the specific error message I am getting from Windows media player when it tries to open the file it downloaded:

Windows Media Player cannot find the specified file. Be sure the path is typed correctly. If it is, the file does not exist at the specified location, or the computer where the file is stored is offline.

Any Ideas on why this is happeneing and what could possibly be done to fix it?


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