OT: camera record playback issue

wandering journalist wrote on 2/20/2010, 6:04 PM
so here's one that has me scratching my head. The camera I shoot most of my footage with is a Sony HVR A1U and it has, note "has" been a real work horse for me in the past. But, twice since September 09 I've had it in the shop for work related to a drum-head issue. Now, I was left scrambing the other day and had to reuse a tape (JVC) for last-minute gig. I went to play it back and found all sorts of drop outs and freeze frames, dip to blue etc. just like the bad old days when the drum-head was acting up. Crap, I thought. But, when I played the same tape back in my little Cannon Vixia HV40 which I use for playback and in a pinch as a second camera... everything was fine. So, a couple times since, I have mucked about with the Sony camera with a tape - record first time and it seems fine, rerecord and there are problems with playback. Throw it in the Cannon and everything is happy, happy! Any thoughts?




wandering journalist wrote on 2/23/2010, 12:41 PM
thanks John - just had the chance to look over footage shot on the weekend and looks like it's the playback head that is going. Record is just fine... but man makes you wonder how two times in the shop couldn't have caught this one... geesh!