OT: Canon GL2 advice

Jsnkc wrote on 9/24/2003, 10:38 AM
Kind of off topic, but I just took the plunge and purchased a new GL2 ($250 rebates through sept.30th) Is there any advice current owners of this camera can give me for setup of the camera and shooting with it. A lot of the stuff I will be using it for is shooting local bands in dark clubs, with spotlights on the band. I've had lots of problems with this in the past with my little consumer cameras with the spotlights completely washing out the faces. A UV filter and spotlight mode helped a little but it wasn't great.

Thanks in advance.


GaryKleiner wrote on 9/24/2003, 10:48 AM
The best advice for your spotlight problem is not to rely on any automatic mode the camera may have, but to get more proficient with the manual controls (especially exposure).

An external monitor helps a lot too.

Jsnkc wrote on 9/24/2003, 10:50 AM
Would you reccomend a b/w monitor or a color one. I know I prefer b/w viewfinders over color ones.
johnmeyer wrote on 9/24/2003, 10:57 AM
I am jealous of your GL2. I have a simple Sony 1-chip. It has a "spotlight" mode which is designed to sense small areas of burnout, such as a single performer in the middle of a follow spot, and automatically take the exposure down a notch. If the GL2 doesn't have an automatic mode for this, then gkvideoguy's recommendation of manual override is a good one. Another would be to see if the camera has an exposure offset function whereby it will subtract or add a set amount to whatever exposure would normally be set. This would minimize the amount of manual override you would have to do.

Finally, most mid-range, prosumer cameras like the GL2 have zebra patterns which visually highlight problem areas and alert you to take action. I would certainly use this feature in your situation.

I have shot dozens of ballets, and have finally realized that the only way to get really good results is to do the exposure manually. If I were to get an external monitor, I'd definitely get a color monitor, because as you change exposure, the color starts shifting and you have to take that into account.
Jsnkc wrote on 9/24/2003, 11:07 AM
IF you ever wanted a GL2 now is the time to get one, they have the $250 rebate through the end of the month. I got mine for only $1800 after the rebate. Can't beat that price. But make sure you buy from an Authorised Canon Dealer or the rebate is not valid. I saw at least 20 companies trying to sell them with the rebate that aren't authorised to do so. I put together a big list of companies, then I called Canon and went down the list to see which ones were authorised and which ones weren't.
Grazie wrote on 9/24/2003, 11:12 AM
XM2 here - the PAL version. GO to DVinfo.net and get onto the Son of Watchdog forum - Stacks and stacks of stuff for you and me . .

Jsnkc wrote on 9/24/2003, 11:14 AM
Thanks for the link, looks like a great site with lots of info!
GaryKleiner wrote on 9/24/2003, 12:49 PM
>Would you reccomend a b/w monitor or a color one. I know I prefer b/w viewfinders over color ones.<

Color for sure.

vitalforces wrote on 9/24/2003, 1:38 PM
Or you could try a harder way and get better results: Bring 2 people with you to hold two lights--even simple floodlamps, one strong & one weak, on handles--and hold them overhead at 45 degree angles from your shot (or put the lights on high tripods if no one's dancing and bumping into them where they're placed). The idea is to make the shot look 3-dimensional. The overhead colored lighting in a nightclub will give you the third "backlight" in a classic 3-point lighting system used by filmmakers since 1900.
Jimmy_W wrote on 9/24/2003, 2:02 PM
can you point me in that $1800. direction
Jsnkc wrote on 9/24/2003, 2:41 PM
This is who I originally ordered it from, but they said the cameras were in their warehouse but they wouldn't be able to get to them for a few days, whatever that means! $1758 after rebate

Abes of Maine

So I then cancelled that order since I need the camera on Friday and ordered it from here: $1788 after Rebate
Just don't get overnight shipping like I had to - $180 From New York to Wisconsin!!!


I have checked with Canon and both of these stores are Licenced Canon dealers which means you WILL get the $250 rebate if you buy before September 30th.

Happy Shopping!
johnmeyer wrote on 9/24/2003, 4:43 PM
And don't forget B&H Photo.
Jsnkc wrote on 9/24/2003, 4:59 PM
B&H was $1985 after rebate. I even called them and asked them if this was their "best" price and they said that was as low as they could go. So I bought it somewhere else. I would have loved to go through B&H since I have purchased a lot of things from them in the past, they just couldn't give me the lowest price so I had to go elsewhere.
Jimmy_W wrote on 9/25/2003, 1:26 PM
sweet price on that xl1s $3,349.95
from the same place.
Jimmy_W wrote on 9/25/2003, 1:29 PM
also has rebate.