OT characteristics of aDVD

Former user wrote on 2/23/2012, 2:20 PM
I hope someone can give you some insite.

I authored a DVD for a client that is being distributed as part of a marketing package. The DVD was mastered commercially. They are requesting a PDF of the Characteristics of the DVD. I have no idea what this is about. Is this something I can provide or is this something the mastering company should provide. any help is appreciated.

Dave T2


rs170a wrote on 2/23/2012, 2:27 PM
The way I see it, that could mean anything from the technical specifications of what makes a DVD to a content description.
I'd ask the client for clarification on exactly what they mean when they say a PDF of the Characteristics of the DVD.

Former user wrote on 2/23/2012, 3:16 PM
Well I think I understand now what they want. The normally work with CDs that have content such as autoplay and flash type files. Basically a webpage interactive type of CD. They say what they usually do is have the files ( I guess either on their computer or on a web page) and they play the files interactively on the computer and verify that the CD does the same as far as navigation, content etc.

I don't know of anything that would allow you to do that with a DVD other than send them the TS folder. But then they would have to know how to work with that. I don't think they are used to working with DVDs thanks for you input.

Dave T2
Geoff_Wood wrote on 2/23/2012, 3:45 PM
Do they think it is a DVD-ROM as opposed to a DVD-Video ?

Former user wrote on 2/23/2012, 4:15 PM

No, it is a DVD that I authored, but I think they are wanting to treat it like a DVD Rom or CD.

Dave T2
Jay Gladwell wrote on 2/23/2012, 4:52 PM

Just ask them what it is they want.

Former user wrote on 2/23/2012, 6:22 PM

I did, but it still doesn't make any sense to me. I think they want a file version of the DVD that they can check against the mastered DVD to make sure it works correctly. They said the want like a website version of the DVD. Which I told them a DVD is not structured like a website, so that would not work.

But my feeeling is, put the DVD in a DVD player, hit the menus, if it works fine.

I guess I will figure something out. thanks everybody's input.

Dave T2
Chienworks wrote on 2/23/2012, 9:16 PM
I can't see how it matters anyway since all you're asking them to do is duplicate it. Surely the best source for any information they could possibly need is ... the master DVD itself.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 2/23/2012, 9:42 PM
A they seem to have little concept of what your DVD is, I would tend to be looking elsewhere - for a company that does understand the basics.

larry-peter wrote on 2/23/2012, 9:48 PM
With the pdf they're requesting, is it possible they're looking for something similar to the "flowchart" view that you would get in the ancient top tier authoring programs like Scenarist? I haven't touched it in a decade but it wouldn't surprise me if that view was called "characteristics."
Otherwise, I think I'd give them the TS folder, refer them to PowerDVD, and say "Here's your file version."

Jay Gladwell wrote on 2/24/2012, 5:56 AM

Kelly and Geoff, the client is asking for the information, not the mastering company.

Dave, obviously there has been a communication breakdown. Ask them what it is they want to accomplish by having the characteristics of the DVD--what will they have after you deliver it that they don't have now.

You're trying to figure it out is not getting them what they want and it is frustrating you.

Just keep probing until you understand what it is they want. Only then can you provide the answer, presuming there is one.

On the other hand, if your presumption is correct, do exactly that. Sit them down and go through the DVD with them and "show" them that it works properly. A flow chart will prove nothing.

Former user wrote on 2/24/2012, 7:33 AM

That might be the ticket. Maybe they need a navigation flowchart that they can compare with the actual navigation. this is one of those situations where it is the client of our client who is making the request, and although I have talked to their client, I still am just guessing. Anyway I have suggested a flowchart as a solution and will see how they respond.

Dave T2
Former user wrote on 2/24/2012, 7:36 AM

Yeah, I am getting frustrated. This is the client of our client and although I have talked directly to them, I don't deal with this world of distribution so I don't understand the process. But I think Atom12's suggestion of a PDF flowchart actually could satisfy them. I have passed that on to my client and she will persue it with hers. I used Adobe Encore for the authoring (since that is what we use where I work) and I know it has a flowchart screen, but I don't know yet if I can print that or if I will have to make it by hand.

Thanks for your input, I really appreciate you all taking the time to help.

Dave T2
Former user wrote on 2/24/2012, 7:37 AM

As Jay said, this is the client, not the mastering/replicating company making this request.

Thanks for your suggestions though.,

Dave T2
Former user wrote on 2/24/2012, 7:38 AM

As Jay replied, this is the client of my client, not the replicating company. I have offered Larry's suggestion of the PDF Flowchart as a solution. Hopefully that will satisfy them.

Thanks for your input.

Dave T2
larry-peter wrote on 2/24/2012, 10:29 AM
I hope that satisfies your client, and having never even opened Encore I will have to give it a look. I used to love the flowchart view in scenarist because lots of information and any errors would be identified at each node. If Encore does something similar I'll have to check it out. As I get older, I love the comfort of old familiar interfaces. LOL.
Former user wrote on 2/24/2012, 10:32 AM
Yeah scenarist gives a lot of information, but boy, is it a challenge to use.

Encore's flowchart is a bit more basic. But it may be enough. Jay suggested I grab a screenshot, so that is what I will try.

Thanks again.
Dave T2
John_Cline wrote on 2/24/2012, 3:57 PM
For what it's worth, Encore will produce a Flash version of a DVD project suitable for upload to a web server. I do that for one of my clients who wants DVDs and also a version for the web.
Former user wrote on 2/24/2012, 4:10 PM

Thanks, I have never used that feature. I will research it.

Dave T2
Geoff_Wood wrote on 2/24/2012, 5:43 PM
"Charcteristics of the DVD"

Tell 'em:
- Round
- 120mm diameter
- 1.2mm thick
- Hole in the middle


ushere wrote on 2/24/2012, 6:12 PM
@ geoff - lol
Former user wrote on 2/24/2012, 6:46 PM
yeah lol

Dave T2
Chienworks wrote on 2/24/2012, 10:37 PM

You forgot shiny.

It's a very important characteristic.