OT: Cineform and AE

mjroddy wrote on 3/20/2008, 11:39 AM
I know this is not an After Effects forum, so my question is twofold: First, is there an AE forum that is as helpful as this one is? I'm a fairly new AE user, and could always use a little help and inspiration similar to what I find here.
Second, my problem is that I shot a ditty last night on a green screen. I captured using HDLink and brought that into AE CS3. The footage was not seen properly by AE. It was basically a bunch of lines that loosly looked like the original footage. Hard to describe, but I'm guessing that AE just couldnt' read the Cineform codec.
Unfortunately, I'm not near that computer now, so I can't get into specifics about what settings I used, but as far as memory serves, everything was set to defaults.

Thanks, as always, for all advice, ideas and comments.


StormMarc wrote on 3/20/2008, 3:58 PM
If you look under the cineform windows menu you'll find something that says "fix After Effects". You might try that. I am able to use Cineform footage in AE.

Regards, Marc
mjroddy wrote on 3/20/2008, 5:02 PM
Thanks Mark.
Yeah, a Cineform file works just fine in my work computer here with AE 7, but NOT in my home system with CS3! Very odd, that.

As for "fix After Effects," i'm now obligated to admit how dumb I am: I can't find that anywhere.
I'm using Cineform HDLink 1.5, Connect HD 3.0.1, Build 22.

If that helps you help me, I'm a happy guy! Otherwise, thanks for giving me something to search for and a potential solution.