OT: discounts

LReavis wrote on 4/6/2010, 1:45 PM
I decided to buy the new Panasonic TM700. I looked on B&H, Amazon, ebay, etc. Cheapest price I could find yesterday was $1000.

So I posted a question on the AVS forum to see if anyone knew how to buy it for less. One response gave the link to:


It required a valid corporate address. I had never set one up for the corporation that my wife and I own (homexam inc.), so I quickly created one and used it to register - free.

Then through a few more hoops to register with Panasonic, and a few more to find the TM700.

Bottom line: I got it for $750 (with free UPS shippng!) - a solid saving of $250. Well worth the investment of an hour or so.

If you have a corporate email address, you'll be able to register for free. And they had dozens of vendors, not just Panasonic. You might want to check it out next time you are in the market for an item that costs $$$.


Jeff_Smith wrote on 4/6/2010, 6:40 PM
Interesting link, quite a savings, I am a sole proprietor, if I was an .inc I would mad that I already bought it ;-). I bought it last week on amazon, got a $40 discount for signing up for their visa card.
LReavis wrote on 4/6/2010, 7:03 PM
I should have mentioned that individuals can still sign up - but not for free. There's a $30 charge. Whether the participating vendors will honor such memberships, I do not know. If so, the $30 charge still would be a bargain. Perhaps careful reading of the details on the link posted in my first post would give the answer . . .
Jeff_Smith wrote on 4/6/2010, 7:49 PM
Not sure I want to know since I already ordered the TM700 :)
Steve Mann wrote on 4/6/2010, 8:52 PM
Please let us know your opinion of the vendor *after* you get the camera.
Did it come with a US warranty? Battery? Cables? Charger?
LReavis wrote on 4/13/2010, 12:30 PM
"Please let us know your opinion of the vendor *after* you get the camera.
Did it come with a US warranty? Battery? Cables? Charger?"

1. Warranty: The registration card that I received said that the warranty would be honored regardless of whether I filled out the registration card. Because I ordered directly from Panasonic, I presume that Panasonic will honor their warranty.

2. Battery: It's in the charger now.

3. Cables: Complete set - Component/audio, USB, etc.

Edit: the $750 includes free shipping!

It appears that Panasonic is shipping their entire retail package for $750!
LReavis wrote on 4/17/2010, 12:33 PM
no corporate email address for corporateperks.com? If you are willing to spend $30, you can try this address:


I've read on the AVS forum that they are associated with corporateperks.com and provide the same discounts.