OT:Does anyone have the Sennheiser evolution g2 wireless microphones??

Arks wrote on 7/26/2004, 6:44 AM

I am looking to purchase these before a wedding planned for August 7th, but I cant seem to find any on the net via my trusted shops (b&H, etc...) Does anyone have this system? How is it? Why is it hard to find right now? I heard some rumors about a recall on them earlier in the year, but thought they would be available now. Any input would be appreciated; thanks!



ravilla wrote on 7/26/2004, 8:07 AM

I have been using the Sennheiser EW135 evolution g2 wireless handheld microphone for over two months. It is being used at my church for PA.

So far, I am extremely satisfied with the mic. Here is what I like about the mic:

-- It has a very solid, heavy duty feel to it.
-- Never have had a drop-out or RF interference.
-- Fairly easy to set the frequency.
-- Uses 2 AA batteries
-- Batteries are easy to change
-- In my location, the mic has a range of over 200 feet
-- Though the mic has some "color", it is not in any way objectionable.
-- The system has fairly low self-noise.

There are only a few minor things I don't like:

-- The mic on/off switch is difficult for me to use because the switch is too recessed in the mic's body for my fingers.
-- The plastic cover on the bottom of the mic's body seems a little flimsy to me.
-- The mic is very directional which limits its use to only one person at a time. I do not use this mic when I need to pick up a group of singers.

I plan on buying the Evolution G2 lapel mic in the future.

You do need to be carefull about which frequecy group you select. If my memory serves me right, you have a choice of purchasing a mic which falls in one of four frequency banks (A, B, C, or D). Make sure you discuss your choice of frequency bank with your supplier before purchase.

I did have to wait a while to get the Evolution G2. Not sure why exactly. Maybe it is because of the demand for what I think is an excellent wireless mic for the money.

swarrine wrote on 7/26/2004, 8:43 AM
We bought a set and sadly it did not work. Transmitter DOA. As you know there are no replacements to be found...
Arks wrote on 7/26/2004, 8:49 AM
I was just emailed by a few suppliers and they said they will be getting shipments in on August 2nd. I'll be needing the C frequency range.