OT: Getting started with HD DVD

ScottW wrote on 8/24/2006, 7:26 AM
Thought folks may find this interesting; I've downloaded the kit but haven't had much chance to look at the contents as yet.


Ok, I've spent a little time looking at this. The information from Microsoft is on editing a catagory 2 HD DVD; as I understand it, there are 2 catagories; catagory 1 is very similar to current DVD (just enhanced), but catagory 2 is advanced, using XML and javascript.

While I've seen people critical of this approach (2 catagories) I think it makes sense. The first consumer or prosumer HD DVD authoring applications will probably embrace catagory 1, which while not giving any of the nifty features of cat 2, will at least give folks access to HD content delivery.

And some free authoring utilities:




bStro wrote on 8/24/2006, 7:54 AM
Neat. I don't see myself even having access to HD-DVD equipment any time soon, but it'll be good to know the ins and outs anyhow. Thanks for posting that.

ScottW wrote on 8/24/2006, 11:28 AM
No need to spring for any equipment, Rob. Just burn your projects to DVD (not using DVDA because it doesn't have enough flexibility in burning "other" stuff to the DVD) and then use the simulator from Microsoft to play the DVD.

I beleive I saw something that indicated the Toshiba HD DVD player would play iHD content from a DVD or HD-DVD.

bStro wrote on 8/24/2006, 3:26 PM
I know. I was just saying that I won't have any practical need for HD-DVD authoring anytime soon. No HD-DVD burners or even players in my near future.