DGates wrote on 11/26/2006, 4:04 AM
I haven't seen the movie. Looks good. One thing about computer animation these days is that it's slowly becoming less profitable, because so many are doing it. You pretty much end up going with the lowest bidder. I'm not implying that's the case with Happy Feet. I know the animation has gotten some great press.

I know The Mill in London stopped doing animation for features because they were getting low-balled too much.
farss wrote on 11/26/2006, 4:14 AM
This is from the same people who bought us Babe.
Yes animation and CGI is not profitable if you're bidding for a job, in this case I think the whole production might be more or less in-house. Both Kennedy Miller and Animal Logic are local.
baysidebas wrote on 11/26/2006, 11:09 AM
We screened it for the movie class I'm technical director for [] on Nov. 15th and had fascinating interview with the director, George Miller. Yes, the same George Miller who gave us Mad Max, The Road Warrior and Babe.

The film is just a delight and, and the accomplishments in animation are breathtaking. Such as using motion capture of live dancers with realtime translation to animation so the dancers and director have immediate feedback on their work. Miller let it slip that some of the animation techniques used in the final product were not even possible with the state of the art at start of production. Maybe that's the reason for the very unusual running time, for an animated feature, of 108 minutes, which go entirely too quickly.