OT: HV20 recorded footage, but no playback?

_Lenny_ wrote on 10/28/2012, 3:16 PM
This is weird. I recorded an event with my Canon HV20 (only shoots a few hours every year).

When I cane to transfer the footage, one small section will not transfer. It's a weird problem...

The footage has recorded. But it won't play. The timecode changes, but in a jerky fashion, updating only every few seconds. Yet, when I press rewind whilst the take is playing I can see the footage.

The same happens when I try playing back/transferring with my Sony FX1.

So, forward play: no footage replayed.
Fast reverse: footage is replayed.

Any ideas what may have gone wrong, what is happening, or how to recover the footage?

I hope the HV20 isn't dying. Choosing a replacement will be hard (and expensive!).


farss wrote on 10/28/2012, 3:46 PM
I've seen this happen with a Sony camera, an entire tape of a wedding. Previous tape and next tape of the same event from the same camera were fine.
Analysis by experts showed the camera had recorded only the "I" frames. No one could come up with any theory as to how it happened. Sorry, if it's the same problem the clip cannot be recovered. On the upside the camera is not dying.

_Lenny_ wrote on 10/28/2012, 4:06 PM
Thanks, Bob.

It was footage of my daughter receiving a 'special mention'. I caught most of it, but the beginning is missing.

A previous recording - by my wife - also suffered issues... she forgot to turn on the microphone!

At least the camera isn't dying.

RodC wrote on 10/28/2012, 9:14 PM
If you can see it in the viewer, maybe you can capture the video out. It wont be as high rez as the firewire out, but better than nothing. (If you have a way to capture the video out)
Former user wrote on 10/28/2012, 9:29 PM
Your video is toast. We have had a few tapes come to our place like that to try and salvage. It will only play in ff or rewind, and it is only the i frames.

Save yourself a lot of aggravation and write it off.

Dave T2