OT: keep my CRT, or go LCD for preview?

Arks wrote on 5/10/2006, 8:00 AM
Hello everyone,

I read through previous posts about this, but I have not come to any conclusions yet.. I have a sony PVM-14L1 broadcast monitor (the cheaper one) and am currently in the process of moving..I want to consolidate to a smaller footprint for a preview monitor.. and I am still on the fence on going with B&H photo's 17" JVC "production" LCD monitor (i know this doesnt compare to the high end models, but like everyone else, im on a budget, especially after buying a house) or keeping my big and heavy Sony. I do have a 9" sony trinitron consumer CRT, but i know consumer TVs are not good for checking colors. What are YOUR opinions?

thanks in advance,


PS(i am currently only doing SD and DVD production, but will be doing more in the future)


GlennChan wrote on 5/10/2006, 8:05 AM
CRTs are still great for SD work. LCDs can be sketchy (ghosting, black level, wacky colors).

Your Sony will show interlace flicker, which is good to spot... a lot of people will be watching your work on CRTs which can exhibit that flaw.