stepfour wrote on 7/14/2007, 12:51 PM
Yeah, right, last one, haha. These are enjoyable but to VERY few here as you have seen, and I have been surprised by, but, thanks for posting. This one must have been fun to shoot. Lots of people, all having fun in an urban environment, night and day. Is the water in the night shots your prop or was there some rain? Cool song and lyrics, fairly infectious, after a few listens, but for the energy the very talented female dancers bought to this, I would like to see them backing a slightly more energetic song. That's a critique of the artist, producer or director, though.

Listening to Water, I can tell he is all NY, but is he PR, Mexican? Your camera work is very good, as usual. Just enough playing with the focus, zoom and pans, and then, in post, filters, transitions and rapid cuts to keep it interesting. Nice key framing all through this. Wish I could do it that well. I saw one or two shots done from an elevated spot or just held very high (3:25 for example). Actually would like to have seen more of those. They look good.

Hip Hop is also a fashion show, as this video shows. It's interesting how the music and fashion are working hand in hand. Lot's of colors, lot's of fun. I may have to try to track down a couple of cool NYY caps I saw in this to put on my dome. (haha)
goshep wrote on 7/14/2007, 1:03 PM
"...big Pyrex cooking up that venom..." 2 points to the artist for using cookware in a rap!

Hey Patryk, you've mentioned in previous posts that you are using a JVC 110 and a lens adapter. Have you mentioned what adapter and lenses you're using? If you did I never caught. I recently received a 110 and would like to pair it with an adapter. Looking for guys like you who are using it now. Some adapter footage I've seen is so shallow in DOF that the tip of the subjects nose and face are barely in focus simultaneously. Yours appears much more subtle.

Patryk Rebisz wrote on 7/14/2007, 1:08 PM
Yeah, that was the first time i was using a "rain machine" -- a hose with some device attached to fire hydrant. Here is a short clip how it works:

Patryk Rebisz wrote on 7/14/2007, 1:17 PM
Most people attached super long lens to it and shoot a tight close-up so you get no depth at all. I would no matter what adapter you get the glass you use is of huge importance we were using PS Technics (the AC on the shoot own the whole rig) with rented fast Nikon lenses -- those are photo lenses but they don't breath.