OT-Light 'em Up DVD From VASST

randy-stewart wrote on 12/25/2009, 5:50 AM
I took advantage of the 12 days of Christmas offer from VASST and bought the Light 'Em Up DVD for $39. What a good investment that turned out to be! This DVD covers all of the basics of a light kit, what you need, what each piece does, the importance of color temperature and how to adjust your set up to get it right, 3 point lighting, and a lot more. It demonstrates various shooting situations too like shooting against a bright window or office environment and demonstrates several methods for adjusting lights and the camera. It also goes into how to apply lighting in dramatic situations. The method of instruction is very clear and includes a demonstration of what is being taught. Man, this is just what I need to help me improve lighting my videos. Thanks VASST, this is a great DVD!


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