OT - My first "removed-by-moderator" posting :)

Soniclight wrote on 6/3/2010, 5:49 PM
I did it as an OT earlier today:

--- I'm trying to sell my single (legit retail) Vue 8 Complete -- an app which has been discussed here at this board. So I put a short posting with referral to my page of pics that I took myself and info at my site. Well...

It got tanked by a mod within a few hours. My very first banishment after all these years - lol.
No biggie, but feedback welcomed.

I haven't seen any rules where a video-related app or product can't be sold as an individual, but perhaps I missed it.
So this is an opportunity to learn what is or is not verboten here.

~ Philip

PS: On the other hand, I was a bit in a quasi panic mode when I decided to post this for-sale thing here and at a couple of other boards. Maybe it's some, uh, cosmic sign to slow down and breath (I don't really really want to sell it but money is getting tight for now).


rs170a wrote on 6/3/2010, 6:22 PM
From the Terms of Service:


You agree not to do any of the following actions while using any Services:
7. Post or transmit any unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, or any other forms of solicitation of a commercial nature while using the Services;

TheHappyFriar wrote on 6/3/2010, 7:25 PM
I always ask the mods about stuff like this. IE obviously there's no issues with VASST showing off stuff for sale
Soniclight wrote on 6/3/2010, 8:28 PM
Yes, I thought of VASST though they do serve the Vegas community. As to quotation from TOS, I could quibble with "...commercial nature...". I'm not a business or making a profit: I'm just a guy trying to sell an app selling it at way under MSRP.

But on nitpick technicality, it is commerce. Just not of what is normally referred to as being of a commercial nature (I.e. VASST is definitely commercial in that sense).

I probably should have thought of running in by a mod, but I didn't see it as offensive or a hustle.
Live n' learn.
ushere wrote on 6/3/2010, 9:21 PM
out of curiosity - exactly how does one 'run it by a mod'?
TheHappyFriar wrote on 6/3/2010, 10:31 PM
support request about the forum.
Grazie wrote on 6/3/2010, 10:43 PM
> "exactly how does one 'run it by a mod'?"

Take it to Brighton during the '60s - you'll find plenty there.

Easter is kushty! (The WHO; Small Faces; . . . . . Lambrettas; Vespas; Doc Martins and Sherman Miller shirts)

. aw' wite den? . . .


ushere wrote on 6/4/2010, 2:47 AM
been there, done that, got thumped for looking like (perhaps i was) a hippie.

ah, greasers, mods, hippies, and still a few beatniks and teddy boys around. in fact, wasn't there a few spivs still hanging around as well?

it used to be sex, drug, and rock'n'roll. now it's simply food.....

Spot|DSE wrote on 6/4/2010, 6:05 AM
To further clarify your point; VASST is an official Sony partner.
There are others that support the Vegas community that are not Sony partners, and their posts are not removed either.
I'd submit that Sony is very lenient when there is mutual benefit to Sony, the community, and the provider of Vegas-related solutions.
Soniclight wrote on 6/4/2010, 8:28 AM
"it used to be sex, drug, and rock'n'roll. now it's simply food....."
And/or coffee.
plasmavideo wrote on 6/4/2010, 1:30 PM
"it used to be sex, drug, and rock'n'roll. now it's simply food....."
And/or coffee.

Yeah, in the 60s everyone was looking for acid - now everyone needs acid reducers . . . burp.
FrigidNDEditing wrote on 6/4/2010, 2:07 PM
to be quite clear also, I think that most of the deals like DJ, VASST, NewEgg, etc... are all posted by users. I might be the closest exception because I do a lot of work for them, but I'm still jut a contractor, so I would think that it's ok to do that. So when deals are available and posted by users here, I don't think that really means that they're selling it. Updates being release also not really a sales pitch direct from seller.

But I can see where there could be concerns if they were to allow users to sell things here, they might get some fraudulent activities perpetrated and be potentially liable in some way or if nothing else, horribly inconvenienced by legal proceedings for allowing the posting.